Apres-ski chic is winter’s hottest beauty trend

Get that just-hit-the-slopes look with make-up artist Jade Kisnorbo’s guide to the apres-ski beauty aesthetic.

There’s something so ethereal about a post-ski glow, and while the apres-ski look may fall under the ‘rich girl’ umbrella of beauty trends, it’s far more accessible than its source of inspiration.

Sheer, minimal make-up is a major aspect of the trend, but shimmer and frost finishes are also incorporated, adding dimension to the look.

Start with a glowy base

Glowy bases are one of my absolute favourite make-up looks.

Just be sure to prep the skin the right way first for the best finish.

To start, cleanse your skin with a product that doesn’t strip it of oil or leave a film.

Avoid an excessive skincare routine in the mornings, especially if you apply make-up, as this can compromise how products interact and wear over the course of the day.

Above all, use a rich moisturiser that works well under make-up and be sure to massage it into the skin and really absorb before you get started on the make-up.

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Keep it fresh

Now that your skin is prepped, determine whether it needs a primer.

Make-up primers really come down to personal preference but can help extend the wear of your look, especially if you have textured or oily skin.

Next, apply your chosen foundation or skin tint.

To nail the apres-ski aesthetic, you really want to aim for a fresh-faced look, so keep your base sheer and understated.

Remember, you can always build up your base with product but it’s harder to make it more sheer once it’s set on your face.

If you have spots or skin concerns you want to cover, spot conceal instead of opting for a full coverage base.

To extend your make-up’s wear and reduce oiliness, be sure to set with setting powder, but only on
the T-zone.

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Add a natural flush

Finally, add some colour and dimension back into your look.

Add some cream contour and bronzer for a sun-kissed effect (you do get sun on the alps, after all), as well as a cream blush in a tone similar to how your cheeks naturally flush.

Mimic the placement of a flushed effect — a key element of the apres-ski trend — by applying the product on the apples of your cheeks and nose bridge.

To complete the look, lightly feather the brows, apply a shimmery highlighter on the high points of the face and add individual lashes and a frosty nude lip.

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Written by Jade Kisnorbo.