Hot tips to beach-proof your hair and make-up this summer

Want your beach make-up to look fresh all day and into the evening? These few easy steps will ensure you’re ready for any occasion this summer.

Pare your make-up back

A day at the beach isn’t the time to go into full Kim Kardashian mode. 

Make-up artist and hairstylist Vic Anderson says it’s about a minimalist, polished make-up look. 

“Keep layers light, and lean towards cream or liquid bronzers and blushes, which can double up on the eyes as well — and just mascara and a slick of SPF lip gloss,” she says.

 “And it seems obvious, but use a waterproof mascara instead of regular or tubing options. No one wants panda eyes.”

As for your base, you could go for naked skin. 

But if you really want some extra coverage, hair and make-up artist Leah Taylor says to avoid anything too heavy.

“Think about swapping out your full coverage make-up for something lighter like a tinted sunscreen or a BB cream and just use your concealer where needed,” Leah advises.

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Weather-proof you make-up

If you have gone to the effort of applying your make-up before you head to the beach, a good setting spray will help keep it in place.

However, to give your makeup the best chance of standing up to the heat, sun and sweat — make-up’s natural enemy — you will need to give it extra support. 

Waterproof/water-resistant products will go a long way in helping to keep your makeup in place.

Also try to avoid using powders, as they can look streaky and sludgy.

Sun protection is always a non‑negotiable.

“I love the array of SPF spray options on the market for topping up your protection over your make-up,” Vic says.

Both Vic and Leah agree staying out of the direct sun whenever possible is the best thing to optimise your makeup’s longevity.

A wide-brimmed hat and sitting under a beach umbrella or cabana can also help your make-up stay in place. 

“Use patting motions instead of wiping off water or sweat,” Vic says.

 “And blotting papers are the perfect compact solution for dealing with sweat.” 

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Post-beach face touch-up

A day in the sun can leave your make-up in need of a few touch-ups before you’re ready to enjoy sundowners. 

So, how can you go from beach to bar in a few steps?

If time permits, it’s often easier to remove your entire base and sunscreen and then reapply. 

However, if you’re in a rush there’s a quick trick to try.

 “If you don’t have the time, swapping your lip balm for a beautiful lipstick will definitely help to elevate your look and have you ready for dinner in no time,” Leah says.

One of Vic’s favourite ways to transition from beach to drinks is quickly blending her base with a damp sponge and a hydrating spray.

“Then I add an extra layer of mascara, top and bottom, and use my fave lipstick patted on to my lips and my cheeks. It elevates a look and keeps it cohesive.” 

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Tips to beach proof your hair

Salt water can strip hair of its natural oils, which can be damaging. Before you go for a dip, rinse your hair in fresh water. 

Your hair will soak up the fresh water, meaning less salt can penetrate the strands.

“When it comes to styling, your hair friend is leave-in conditioner,” Vic says. 

“Do a quick rinse of your hair, spritz with leave-in conditioner, tidy up your middle part and slick it all back into a bun.”

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Written by Tania Gomez.