Aussie beauty influencers you should be following

The beauty influencer scene has boomed in recent years, with Australians increasingly turning to more relatable voices for skincare and makeup advice.

Some of world’s biggest beauty influencers have leveraged their mass following to create makeup empires of their own and according to Max Connectors group talent director, Jill Birmingham, this comes down to consumers valuing word-of-mouth recommendations and advice.

“People generally trust word-of-mouth recommendations more than any other form of advertising,”  Jill says.

Here are 10 Australian beauty influencers you should be following if you don’t already.

Nonny Mulholland

Model, beauty influencer and ambassador.

Why you should follow: Nonny Mulholland credits her longstanding interest in beauty for inspiring her to create content of her own, including tutorials and product reviews, while juggling her modelling commitments.

“I just enjoy sharing beauty products I use regularly or that I love,” she says.

“I’m lucky to receive different beauty goodies regularly so I get to try all sorts of brands and products and I think its second nature to share my experience.”

Ashira Paraskevas

Model, beauty influencer and ambassador

Why you should follow: Ashira Paraskevas struggled with her biracial identity growing up in Melbourne, but has now embraced everything that makes her unique.

The influencer encourages self-acceptance and self-love, while offering tips for anxiety and mental health along with beauty content.

Christina Sikalias

Makeup artist and beauty influencer

Why you should follow: Christina Sikalias has come leaps and bounds since her early days as a makeup artist, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Eva Longoria.

The Melbourne influencer gained popularity through her national masterclass tour and is in the process of launching her own makeup brand, Christina Sikalias Beauty.

Stella Tu

Makeup artist and beauty influencer

Why you should follow: Melbourne makeup artist Stella Tu specialises in editorial, bridal, special occasion and runway looks and also runs her own beauty supply store business, Tu and Kit, which caters to fellow makeup artists.

Rowi Singh

Model and beauty influencer

Why you should follow: Rowi Singh became a household name in the beauty community thanks to her colourful, inventive, and unique makeup looks.

She’s also a passionate advocate for greater representation of people of colour, launching The Artist Archives to put the spotlight on talented individuals from around the world.

Tanielle Jai

Makeup artist and beauty influencer

Why you should follow: One of the most sought-after hair and makeup artists in Australia, Tanielle Jai is known for her signature glowy, bronzed makeup and beachy waves on clients.

She’s also launching a beauty venture of her own.

Jade Kisnorbo

Makeup artist, hair stylist and beauty influencer

Why you should follow: Celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist Jade Kisnorbo offers followers a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, from putting the final touches on a model to makeup tips and tricks during her popular masterclass series.


Anabelle Ussher

Makeup artist, model and beauty influencer

Why you should follow: Anabelle Ussher likes to keep her followers across the latest, greatest makeup and skincare products on the market.

She has also dabbled in beauty journalism, addressing topics such as the lack of foundation colour diversity among Australian beauty retailers.

Valerie Marie-Lourdes

Makeup artist and content creator

Why you should follow: Describing herself as Australia’s most inclusive makeup artist, Valerie Marie-Lourdes has also documented her journey embracing her natural hair as well as educating her followers on topics close to her heart, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kaycee Rose

Makeup artist and curvy model

Why you should follow: Western Australian makeup artist and mum of one Kaycee Rose is a passionate advocate for Indigenous Australian representation in the beauty industry.

Kaycee also supports body diversity, encouraging her followers to fully embrace, love and accept the skin they’re in.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett. Main image: Instagram @nonnymulholland @ashparaskevas @taniellejaimua @jade__kmakeup