Everything you need to know about eyebrow lamination

A needle and pain-free alternative to microblading, eyebrow lamination is the hot new brow trend of the moment.

Let’s talk about the latest trend filling up our Instagram feed, eyebrow lamination.

You’ll be happy to know it in no way resembles the plastic coating we used to painstakingly drag across our school books.

“Eyebrow lamination is like a lash lift for your brows – it gives you that really fluffy, brushed-up, runway look without any needling or pain,” explains eyebrow stylist Melanie Marris, who runs Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist studios in Australia, Bali and Los Angeles.

Royals Clinic Australia founder Fay Rezaei says eyebrow lamination is “the biggest brow trend going around”.

So what is eyebrow lamination?

The eyebrow lamination process involves straightening the brow hairs using a chemical solution.

“It means you’re able to comb the brows upwards and they stay in position,” says Melanie.

“It’s similar to a brow perm, but you’re reversing the hair structure so brows can be styled into a fluffy laminated look.

“It’s like the soap brow trend, where people use a bar of soap and a spoolie brush to coax hairs into place – except this lasts for up to eight weeks and can be applied with a tint.”

The fact that it’s particularly great for those with unruly hairs means it appeals to both women and men, she says.

Often mistaken for microblading because each natural and individual hair stroke is enhanced, laminating is a less permanent solution.

“Microblading is a form of tattoo using a semi-permanent colour and is more invasive, whereas laminating works with your natural brow,” explains Fay.

What does eyebrow lamination treatment involve?

Treatment takes around an hour and involves two stages, explains Fay.

“First a brow lift cream is applied to clean eyebrows to soften the hairs, which are then brushed and straightened into shape, before being wrapped in cling wrap,” she says.

“We use a specially formulated type of keratin made just for eyebrows, which helps nourish the brow and create some thickness.”

Fay says a neutralising cream is then applied to reset the brow, which also conditions and create some shine, which can be followed by a tint if desired.

What about eyebrow lamination aftercare?

Aftercare is important, warns Melanie.

“Your brows will look very sleek and may also look super dark immediately afterwards, and for the first 24 hours it’s essential you keep them dry and avoid touching them,” says Melanie.

“Once you’ve washed them they’ll look fluffy and full and every hair will be defined.”

How much does eyebrow lamination cost?

Getting your brows laminated will set you back between $85 and $150 depending on on the service and the qualification of the artist, say our experts.

So there you have it: Cara Delevingne-esque brows in an hour with no pain attached – it seems this might be one brow trend that’s here to stay.

Written by Liz McGrath.