How to embrace the latest K-beauty trend known as “glass skin”

Ever cleansed to the point that your skin has taken on a polished sheen? Dubbed “glass skin”, it’s the next big thing in beauty and is surprisingly easy to recreate.

While the western world has traditionally influenced what’s big in beauty, social media has helped pave the way for international beauty trends to take centre stage, namely K-beauty (South Korean beauty trends).

Like the famed, exhausting 10-step skincare K-beauty routine, the glass skin trend also hails from South Korea, where it’s a longstanding practice.

A glass finish comes down to ultra-cleansed, refined and hydrated skin. It’s all about smooth, dewy and seemingly transparent skin.

To get that polished glass skin finish at home, follow these simple steps:

1. To cleanse, you’ll want something that is heavy duty but also gentle. For those with sensitive or dry skin, we like Palmers Cocoa Butter Creamy Cleanser and Makeup Remover, while Dr LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Facial Polishing Gel is suitable for all skin types.

2. Toning is necessary if you aspire to glass-esque skin. We like something tried and trusted, like Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Toner. Witch hazel is a powerful ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that can also help fight acne, sun damage and dryness.

3. Hydrated skin is essential for glass skin, but a lightweight moisturiser is preferred as it’s more easily absorbed and won’t block pores. We like Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum.

Extend the trend

Nailing the glass skin trend is one small feat, but makeup can mask all your hard work and suddenly you’re back to square one. Simple adjustments to your makeup application will not only ensure the glass skin peeks through, it can further enhance the look.

Know your base

A little known fact about primers is that they don’t have to be evenly applied to the whole face. If you suffer from textured skin or oiliness, apply a pore refining primer only to the areas where pores are visible. Try and avoid applying it to the high points of the face that give the skin that reflective, glassy sheen (think cheekbones, temples and nose bridge.)

Skip the powder if you can

Skip setting your makeup with powder if possible. Not only can it contribute to cakeyness, but the mattifying properties will remove any sheen to the face.

If you have oily skin, only apply powder where necessary, such as the T-Zone. You can also use a setting spray as an alternative to lock everything in place.

Simple enhancement

If you want to amp up the glass factor, apply an all-purpose balm with a light hand to the high points of the face in the same way you’d apply a highlighter.

Note – the balm could move your makeup around. To avoid this, apply it as the final step.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett

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