L’Oréal Paris x Balmain lipstick brings high-end fashion to makeup

L’Oréal Paris x Balmain: Where high-end fashion meets makeup

Balmain’s hotly anticipated lipstick collaboration with L’Oréal Paris has finally arrived on Australian shores – here’s our full breakdown.

Iconic French institutions L’Oréal Paris and Balmain have combined their expertise in fashion and beauty to create the ultimate limited-edition lipstick collection, Colour Riche Balmain Lipstick.

Boasting 12 colours and with a creamy matte formula, the runway inspired shades include earthy browns and reds as well as more vibrant, experimental hues of navy, purple and olive green.

The lipstick venture, which has been met with much fervour globally, marks the luxury fashion house’s first foray into make-up.

Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, designed the collection’s trés chic couture packs. He told Vogue US the collaboration would allow everyday consumers to get a slice of the high-end brand.

While a Balmain cocktail dress might set you back $1000-plus, a Balmain lippie is a fraction of the price – which makes the brand accessible to an entirely new consumer group.

Accessibility has been a strong theme of Balmain since Rousteing became the label’s creative director in 2011 (at the tender age of 25, no less).

In fact, the collection is Balmain’s second collaborative project in recent years, following its much-hyped 2015 collection with fashion chain H&M.

In a sea of designer collaborations it’s difficult to stand out, but what sets the L’Oréal Paris project aside is that it’s one of the first drugstore beauty brands to collaborate with a designer and a couture house.

The L’Oréal Paris x Balmain shades


This line, in green packaging, was inspired by the Amazon jungle and boasts unique, bold shades.

469 Fever Colour Riche Orange Lipstick

This perfect red-orange hue is universally flattering, adding warmth to the face.

647 Safari Colour Riche Beige Lipstick

A true nude, this shade is great for a flesh-toned lip, but might be too light on some skin tones. To counteract this, simply apply a darker lip liner to add some depth.

648 Glamazone Colour Riche Brown Lipstick

Unlike the other browns in this collection, this shade is cooler toned and leans towards taupe, almost grey.

905 Instinct Colour Riche Green Lipstick

The most experimental shade of the collection, this olive-hued metallic shade is best suited for the adventurous types but can be lightly applied for a more subtle effect.


These shades, in blue packaging, are for those who are rebellious and like to break the rules when it comes to their make-up.

902 Legend Colour Riche Dark Brown Lipstick

Very much a nostalgic ’90s hue, this dark-brown lipstick has a matte yet moisturising finish.

467 Freedom Colour Riche Purple Matte Lipstick

A deep purple, this lippie isn’t for the faint of heart. Because the shade’s rather unforgiving, it should probably only be worn when sober.

650 Power Colour Riche Red Brown Lipstick

Similarly adventurous, this metallic dark-brown hue has a slight reddish undertone, making it eye-catching and surprisingly easy to wear.

901 Rebellion Colour Riche Blue Lipstick

It might look intimidating, but if you pair this ultra pigmented blue lippie with minimal make up, you’ll be served with compliments aplenty.


With Parisian fashion in mind, these shades (in a stunning black pack) are a nice mix of classic and trend-driven shades.

468 Liberation Colour Riche Dark Purple Lipstick

If you’re after a winter statement lip, this is your shade. Despite its dark, pigmented hue, it doesn’t bleed or feather.

246 Confession Colour Riche Peach Lipstick

Suited to various skin tones, the peach shade has a slight coral-pink undertone, which is highly pigmented.

356 Confidence Colour Riche Rose Gold Metallic Lipstick

This unique shade has a sheer metallic sheen thanks to rose gold specks. Because it’s not so pigmented, it’s a great everyday lipstick.

355 Domination Colour Riche Red Matte Lipstick

A classic blue-based red and highly pigmented, this particularly shade has a smooth formula, making application super easy.

The L’Oréal Paris x Balmain collection is available online now and at all participating Chemist Warehouse locations.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett