Male grooming trends to watch

Male grooming has come a long way – nowadays, everything from manscaping to man-icures is the norm. So what are latest looks?

We take a look at this year’s hottest men’s hair and grooming styles.

The drunk caesar

Considered the defining hairstyle of 2018, the drunk Caesar is a more relaxed take on the traditional Caesar cut, with longer layers at the front creating a short, blunt fringe.

To prevent the hairstyle from looking too scruffy, comb a matte paste through the edges to give a sleek finish to the overall look.

Textured and shaggy hair

This hairstyle is best described as the overgrown cousin of the drunk Caesar, again with a focus on the fringe.

It features layered bangs that help create movement in the hair, and is particularly suited to those with a natural wave or curl in their hair.

For more definition, use a matt gel sparingly (we like Lynx Urban Messy Look Matt Gel 125mL, $8.99). And if your hair’s fine, opt for a volume powder (try Taft Full On Beach Look Styling Powder 10g, $6.99).

Hats turning heads

Regardless of whether the sun is out, there is an overload of eye-catching hat styles.

From boater hats to nostalgic Kangol bucket hats, there’s a style out there for everyone.

Polished scruff

The polished scruff is all about blending noticeable stubble with a carefully crafted, bedhead-like pompadour so you look like you’re trying to make an effort, but not too much of an effort.

Think Johnny Depp just before his mid-life crisis.

The style might seem simple enough to recreate but getting the right amount of wispiness comes down to effective, targeted hair styling products.

We like Redken Texturize Rough Past 12 (75mL, $24.99) because it helps create texture that lasts all day.

It’s all about the mo’

Beard lovers, block your ears!

The look is officially on the outer, but you can still embrace your facial hair.

This season will see the humble moustache and its various styles take centre stage, particularly the pencil moustache and the scruffy moustache.

If you’re prone to patchiness, Rimmel has introduced a line of products that help define and shape brows and the beard/moustache area.

It’s one of the first cosmetic giants to produce a line of male make-up products (we like Rimmel Mens Brow & Beard Powder 002 Medium Brown).

Just like beards, moustaches require tending to so invest in products that promote shiny follicles and hair growth, like David Beckham’s new House 99 beard oil and cleanser.