The hottest lipstick trends to try right now

Lipstick can make or break a look – and experimenting with the latest colours and formulations can go a long way towards finding what works for you.

Lipstick goes way back – in fact it was one of the earliest forms of makeup, emerging about 1000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

And it can really change or complete a look, which is why it has continued to hold such significance ever since.

In honour of National Lipstick Day on July 29, leading makeup artists share their favourite lippie tips and trends.

Current trend: Nude and natural

Makeup artist Karissa Dubois says most of her clients have been requesting a similar lip, regardless of whether it is for an editorial, bridal or formal look.

“I’d say the vast majority generally choose a nude lip in a glossy or creamy finish. I think a nude lip is always a classic choice to really offset a smokey eye so I’m all for it,” she says.

“I tend to gravitate to a ‘your lips but better,’ shade, which for me is a super sheer, neutral rosy tone.”

Fellow makeup artist Stella Tu likes to factor in her clients’ undertones when selecting lip shades.

“I observe what suits them best or what lip style is best suited for their makeup look,” the owner of Tu&Kit says.

“I am definitely a neutral lip girl. I love colours that looks like my lips, just slightly enhanced.”

Prediction: Out with the matte, in with lip stains

Karissa believes matte finish lips are on the way out.

“I am really loving the shift from mattes to a glossier finish on the lips. Lip stains are another great option for those who don’t like a sheen, but don’t want to use overly drying matte lip formulations,” she says.

“Unlike other lip products, you don’t have to apply lip stains with precision since have that effortless, blurred edged finish. They’re also a great multipurpose product as most stains can also work on your cheeks.”

Stella says the trend towards understated makeup through the Covid-19 pandemic has extended to lips.

“I think a neutral lip will always be a lot of people’s go-to because it’s more muted and less effort to maintain,” she says.

“Having said that, I predict more vibrant and bright tinted lips to trend this coming summer.”

Experiment with your look

Karissa recommends marking National Lipstick Day by experimenting with your look and trying a different lip trend to what you typically gravitate to.

“I think I’ll go with a bright pop of colour on my lips. Never underestimate the power of a great lippie to lift your spirits,” she says.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.