Summer makeup must-haves

Put these beauty items on your shopping list to prevent makeup meltdowns this summer.

Here are our must-have products to keep you looking and feeling fresh in hot and humid weather.


Wear sunscreen every day, especially when you’re going to be outside – it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or not.

Apply after your skincare products and wait a few minutes before applying your makeup to give your skin enough time to soak in the sunscreen.

Tinted moisturiser

If you can’t bear to go bare, apply a light layer of a tinted moisturiser for a sheer glow.

Or make your own tinted coverage by mixing oil-free moisturiser with foundation for a softer, more sheer appearance.

Translucent powder and blotting paper

A light dusting of powder before you go out will control any shine, while blotting papers will keep the excess shine under control while you’re on the go.

To remove oils or sweat from your face, take a sheet of blotting paper and lightly touch it to your skin so it can absorb some of the oil.

Rubbing will just smear the oils and makeup around your face.

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara

Avoid the raccoon-eye look by investing in a waterproof version of your favourite eye product — especially in the dead of summer.

With the heat from the body and the summer’s high temperatures, most eyeliners will end up either running or will have to be reapplied all day.

Cream blush

Powders tend to go cakey in the heat, while cream blushers blend easily and look more like your skin.

Choose rose or coral shade to brighten and give you a healthy glow.

Golden brown bronzer

Get your faux glow on with a powder bronzer.

Sweep a generous amount of powder bronzer all over your face to deepen your complexion.

Then dust a shimmery bronzer to accentuate the high points of the face (high cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and your temples) to really make your skin glow.

Powder eyeshadow

In summer, cream eyeshadows tend to crease in the eye so opt for a light dusting of shimmery eyeshadow on the lids for definition.

To open the eye, curl your lashes and apply a few strokes of mascara.

To make your eyes look really bright, use a white or skin-coloured eye pencil on the inside eye line.

Lip gloss

Use a moisturising lip gloss that’s sheer with a hint of rose or coral. Remember, the stickier the gloss, the more drying on the lips.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi.