How to revolutionise your beauty routine with a ‘Sunday reset’

Struggling to keep up with your weekly beauty maintenance? A Sunday reset routine could be the ultimate game changer. Here’s how it works.

Let’s face it: beauty upkeep can be laborious.

Perpetually looking glam, tanned and manicured has its perks but also takes time and effort to maintain — even for the most avid of beauty aficionados among us.

It’s no wonder a habit movement that helps us cut corners is fast gaining traction.

The “Sunday reset” is proving to be a game changer, inspiring audiences on TikTok and Instagram to better streamline their routines, including their beauty practices, and helping them save valuable time and energy in the process.

But how does it work? Here is what you need to know.

What is a ‘Sunday reset’?

In a nutshell, a Sunday reset is a mindset habit that focuses on getting on top of your routine tasks and chores at the start of the week, rather than putting them off until you are stretched too thin.

Not only does designating certain errands to a specific day improve your organisational and time-blocking skills, but it also helps to free up your time later in the week, leaving you feeling less frazzled.

This is particularly relevant in the world of beauty, given how quickly regular maintenance can gobble up valuable hours each week.

According to habit expert Dr Gina Cleo, author of The Habit Revolution, implementing habit-specific goals is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity.

“We develop habits through repetition and consistency and this applies to bad habits just as much as good, which is why concepts like ‘Sunday resets’ are really effective for improving productivity; the more you do it, the more automatic and habitual it gets,” Dr Cleo says.

Why beauty routines need a Sunday reset

While a Sunday reset is applicable to just about every errand in life, it has garnered the interest of the beauty community in particular.

Fans of the movement describe it as adopting a high-maintenance approach to stay low-maintenance for the remainder of the week.

From fake tanning to washing, drying and styling hair — not to mention doing make-up, hair removal, and scheduling and attending a host of professional beauty services — it’s easy to see how the sheer volume of beauty habits can become overwhelming.

The exhaustive nature of beauty routines was even highlighted in an episode of the TV series Euphoria, in which Cassie (portrayed by Sydney Sweeney) woke up at three in the morning just to fit in beauty maintenance before school.

While Cassie’s routine might be a slight exaggeration compared to that of the average teen, it does raise the question as to whether excessive beauty habits, and the quest for perfectionism, have reached the point of no return (but that’s a conversation for another day).

How a Sunday reset can simplify your beauty routine

In addition to ticking off beauty maintenance and getting it out of the way, implementing a Sunday reset can help to condense your habits.

Rather than time-block every single beauty activity and DIY treatment you want to get done, try to multitask where possible to make the most of your time.

For instance, you could leave a treatment mask in your hair while plucking and tinting your brows, or you could put on a face mask while whitening your teeth or using an at-home laser removal device — all while catching up on your favourite shows.

Why a Sunday reset sets you up for success

The overarching message behind the Sunday reset is to get into the habit of starting the week productively.

Gone are the Monday blues due to carrying the weight of seven days’ worth of errands on your shoulders.

Instead, you will feel positive and in control, having already accomplished a list of must-dos — and you will have time up your sleeve to make the most of the remainder of the week.

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Written by beauty editor Charlotte Brundrett.