Create some drama with bold winter make-up

When it’s grey and gloomy outside, brighten up your day with these big, bold winter make-up looks.

Winter has traditionally been a time of hiding away in your comfort zone and embracing all things cosy.

But the past few years of extended hibernation have seen many of us eager to bring back glamour — bringing the cosmetics industry back with it.

In 2020, global cosmetics market growth dropped 8 per cent — with nowhere to go and no one to see in the early days of the pandemic, there was little occasion for make-up.

But now the industry is bouncing back with the global market forecast to reach $756 billion by 2026.

And it’s not just the bottom line showing the shift.

Make-up artist Charlotte Ravet says there is a clear embrace of exuberant yet wearable make-up trends.

Satin skin

This winter a satiny complexion is the ultimate goal.

“Satin skin is when the complexion appears slightly dewy but also has areas of matte, particularly along the T-zone,” House of Wellness resident beauty expert and make-up artist Jade Kisnorbo explains.

To achieve the look, Jade suggests starting with a velvet finish foundation and applying cream and liquid highlighters to add a dewy satin skin effect.

Next, to create that matte dimension, Jade suggests taking “a mattifying powder across the nose, forehead and chin, but leaving the cheeks and eyebrows to hold their dewiness”.

“When done correctly, satin skin should reflect the light just that little bit more than a natural or matte look complexion,” Jade says.

Make it graphic

Ultra-defined graphic eyeliner has been a mainstay in recent years, but make-up artist Christina Rodio says the trend now melds bright and intensely pigmented colours.

“This look is all about thickly accentuating the natural eye shape by elongating the inner and outer corners of the eyes — but doing it with bold colour,” Christina explains.

For maximum impact, Charlotte suggests using “a gel colour liner applied along the upper eyelid”.

“Try applying the gel liner using an angled liner brush,” Charlotte suggests.

“This will help pull the edges of the liner beyond the lashes and create that winged and elongated finish.”

Jade says novices can create a simplified version of this look simply by running a coloured pencil “along the waterline and smudged underneath the eyes”.

As for what colour to use? The sky’s the limit. But the experts agree that blue, teal, purple and green are universally flattering.

A little eyebrow lift

“Start by using a brow wax pencil or brow soap and brushing the brows in an upwards motion to set the hairs in place,” Christina explains.

“Then fill in any gaps with a brow pen,” she says.

“Choose a shade to match your natural brow hairs for a more blended and natural look.”

For that final definition, Christina recommends next using a bit of concealer and a clean brush to draw a thin line underneath the eyebrows.

Lips go overboard

You can thank TikTok for the ’90s-style overlined lips trend.

Jade says the look is also popular again due to its contouring effect.

Charlotte suggests using a brown pencil to outline the lip shape, on the skin and just above the lips, “then blend the pencil outwards to accentuate this illusion of volume”.

To finish, Charlotte says to add a lighter lipstick at the centre of the lips and top with clear gloss.

Gushing for glitter

From dramatic embellishments like face jewels, decals (decorative stickers) and pearls to shimmering make-up accents, all things sparkly are having a moment.

To gently try the glitter trend, Christina suggests easing in with “cream glitters or blendable multi-use shimmers”.

“For everyday wear that won’t look over the top, try layering these on the eyelids, inner eye corners and high points of the cheek and browbones,” Christina suggests.

Charlotte recommends taking care to prime the skin before adding any sparkly touches.

“Glitters draw attention to the skin, so aim for a fresh and dewy complexion,” she says.

When you’re ready to up the ante with cosmetic accessories such as gems or thicker glitter, Jade says eyelash glue can make these adhere to the skin without causing irritation, “even around the eye”.

But when working with sparkly details, remember less is more.

“Sparkles create a memorable and dramatic effect — but be restrained,” Jade warns.

For more beauty tips, pick up your free copy of The House of Wellness winter magazine at your local Chemist Warehouse.