How to nail Victoria’s Secret-inspired bombshell beauty

The resurgence of early-2000s style is bringing back iconic looks, including the bombshell beauty aesthetic popularised by Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Everything Y2K is back! A recent predictive analytics report confirmed the trend, noting that the search term “Y2K fashion” had increased 193 per cent within a year.

This resurgence of early-2000s style has also heralded the return of one of the era’s most iconic looks: Victoria’s Secret-inspired bombshell beauty.

A fresh take on an iconic beauty look

Make-up artist Pearlin McCarthy says it is no surprise that the signature beauty style of the Victoria’s Secret Angels is “returning alongside other Y2K style trends.”

In recent years, the famous lingerie brand has come under scrutiny in the wake of exposé docuseries Victoria’s Secret – Angels and Demons.

But the rise in popularity of Victoria’s Secret-inspired looks, spurred by social media, suggests there is a place for the brand’s style in today’s landscape.

“The traditional ‘Angels’ aesthetic lacked diversity and representation in an era increasingly focused on inclusivity and authenticity,” Pearlin notes.

However, she says, recent trends suggest that elements of the bombshell beauty look made famous by Y2K Angels still hold appeal – and they are now being reinterpreted and modernised.

Features of bombshell beauty make-up in 2024

Today, Victoria’s Secret-inspired make-up looks are not only featuring in TikTok make-up challenges, but are also being reimagined within current beauty trends.

“In 2024, we see the bombshell beauty influence on all facets of beauty,” make-up artist Christina Rodio says.

“It’s about skin that has a luminous glow and using make-up that ‘lifts’ the face; then it’s about paying attention to the eyes and lips and creating brows that are full and fluffy.”

How to achieve bombshell beauty make-up

For radiant skin

A radiant and glowing complexion has always been a hallmark of the Victoria’s Secret bombshell beauty look, Christina says.

But in 2024, she says, it is less reliant on heavy foundation and instead a result of “skin health meets make-up”.

For a radiant base, Christina suggests using “a hydrating primer, a luminous lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser, a creamy concealer and a luminiser to mix in.”

To create that “lit from within” glow, the expert recommends strategically applying highlighter to high points of the face to enhance the skin’s natural luminosity.

Finish by using bronzer to contour, followed by a sweep of peachy or rosy blush for a flush of colour.

For sultry eyes

Bombshell beauty make-up has always been synonymous with a sultry, smoky eye, Pearlin says, but in 2024 subtle tweaks give it a contemporary twist.

“Vary the 2000s smoky eye by instead using rich, jewel-toned eyeshadows like emerald green or deep burgundy,” she suggests.

The expert adds that the Angels’ classic winged eyeliner is still popular – but suggests modernising it by “executing it with graphic precision, or doing it in unexpected colours like metallics or neons.”

And don’t forget those all-important lashes!

“Apply several coats of volumising mascara,” Pearlin recommends.

“Optionally, add false eyelashes for extra drama and intensity.”

For perfect brows

“The bombshell beauty look requires a fluffy and fuller brow, unlike the recently popular pressed-down laminated look,” Christina explains.

She recommends first brushing brows upward to reveal their natural shape before applying a brow pencil or powder in short, feathery strokes.

To finish, set the brows with a clear gel to keep them looking polished and groomed, Christina says.

For luscious lips

“Plump, full, glossy lips remain a staple of the bombshell beauty look, but unlike in the 2000s, there’s a shift towards softer, more natural-looking lip enhancements,” Pearlin says.

Colour-wise, she suggests nude pinks or soft, peachy corals.

As for the formulation? Pearlin says: “Choose hydrating glosses or lipsticks that contain plumping ingredients for a juicy, voluminous effect – without the need for invasive procedures.”

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Written by Sharon Hunt.