The Australian botanical skincare ingredients you need to know

If you’re looking to boost your skin results, try incorporating these five natural superstar ingredients into your routine.

There is a reason the clean beauty scene is buzzing more strongly than ever in 2023.

After all, what’s not to like about gorgeous native botanical ingredients that are nutrient-rich, non-toxic and come with proven results?

Thanks to our rich and diverse natural landscape, Australia offers a multitude of choices when it comes to these natural skincare heroes.

Here are five of our favourites to help you on your pathway to glowing skin.

Kakadu plum

Used for centuries by Indigenous Australians to help treat skin inflammation, Kakadu plum is now a modern-day hero ingredient.

The nourishing super-fruit has been reported as the richest naturally occurring source of vitamin C in the world.

The ingredient works as an antioxidant in skin creams, masks, and serums, helping to protect against free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution and environmental toxins.

Lilly pilly

Another skin rejuvenating wonder fruit, lilly pilly is an evergreen plant with edible red or purple fruit known colloquially as “medicine berries”.

Rich in antioxidants, the Aussie native is now being used to promote skin firmness and may help acne-prone skin.

Mountain pepper berry

Mountain pepper berry is a native shrub grown in the cooler and wetter parts of Tasmania and south-eastern Australia.

It contains active compounds and skin conditioning properties to enhance collagen production, repair barrier function and increase hydration.

Emu apple

Native to Australia’s south coast, emu apple is also known as muntries or native cranberries.

Like many Australian native fruits, it has a high antioxidant capacity as well as being a good source of vitamin C, helping to protect, soothe and nourish the skin.

Strawberry gum

Strawberry gum leaf extract contains active ingredients, including vitamin B, which work in synergy to increase skin hydration and regulating oil production.

Incorporating these as part of your skincare regimen

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