Tanning tips: How to keep your summer glow through autumn

The warm weather is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your tan has to. These hacks will extend the wear of your tan so you can have a summer glow – all year long.

The warm weather might be coming to a seasonal close, but it doesn’t mean your tan has to.

Here are our top tanning hacks to extend the wear of your tan, so you have a summer glow all year long.

It’s all about the base

Exfoliating and moisturising your body regularly will keep your skin in optimal condition, and help prevent streaky tan application.

To avoid a patchy tan, incorporate a body brush, loofah or exfoliating mitt like Tan-off Tan Removal Mitt into your daily routine, along with an effective body moisturiser like Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Lotion.

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Create a barrier

Before applying fake tan, use a petroleum jelly or balm like Redwin Coconut Balm. This acts like a barrier on dry patches of skin such as the elbows, fingers and heels, which collect more fake tan than the rest of the body.

Those with fair hair are at risk of fake tan tinting their brows and hairline orange, so apply a light amount to those areas as well. 

Does a tan have to look realistic?

How deep you want your tan comes down to personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, a subtle shade will fade better than something more extreme since there will be less contrast between your natural skin tone and the layer of tan.

A gradual fake tan is a safe option since it’s hydrating and buildable. We like Gina Liano FLAWLESS Daily Gradual Tan Lotion and J Bronze by Jennifer Hawkins Gradual Tanning Cream.

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Formulations like Le Tan Ultra Dark Tanning Oil and Selfie Tan Overnight Bronzing Lotion are also effective. If you prefer something with more colour payoff, try a pigmented mousse with an express formulation. We like Mine Tan Absolute x40 Self Tan Foam and J Bronze by Jennifer Hawkins Dark Tanning Cream.

Finishing touches

The difference between a noticeably fake tan and a convincingly real fake tan comes down to the fine detail. Using latex gloves or a tanning mitt like Le Tan 2 in 1 Mitt & Back Applicator will help prevent streaks, but it also comes down to technique.

Going across all the small crevices of your body, like your fingers and toes, helps the tan look more natural (do it with a light hand to avoid product build-up). People often forget areas like the nape of the neck, back and ears, so you’ll want to ensure those areas are covered as well.

If you choose a sticky formulation, you can apply a light dusting of talcum powder to your body to effectively set the foundation and prevent it from moving around. Scented varieties like Grace Cole Magnolia & Vanilla Talcum Powder can help offset that pesky fake tan smell.

Maintanence matters

Keeping your body hydrated is crucial for fake tan longevity. Use a light, fast-absorbing moisturiser like Vaseline Intensive Care Spray & Go Moisturiser Dry Skin daily to prevent the fake tan from drying up and flaking off.

Wash it off

If you want to amp up the glow for a night out, a wash-off solution is your best bet as you don’t have to deal with all the other trials and tribulations that come with a deep fake tan. We like Le Tan 30 Minute Tan Instant Bronzing Spray and Gina Liano FLAWLESS Instant Ultimate Gloss Bronzer.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett