6 exclusive bodycare products your skin will love

Looking to give your skin some much-deserved TLC? You’re sure to find just what you need among this hot range of bodycare products.

Most of us understand the importance of caring for and protecting the skin on our face, but our bodies are equally important.

Often seen as the forgotten hero in the self-care market, bodycare doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be effective.

If you’re looking for quality body care brands and excellent value, check out Chemist Warehouse’s exclusive range of products.


Priding itself on using 100 per cent natural and sustainable key ingredients and 100 per cent recyclable products, Bioten has established a reputation for producing effective, eco-conscious body products and skincare.

If you’re new to the brand, its hand repairing cream is a  favourite (and a cheapie) and their supreme hyaluronic body cream is another standout, packed with nourishing, hydrating ingredients including hyaluronic acid.

Coffee Bars

A block of solid coffee isn’t exactly synonymous with bodycare, but that’s what makes this range of body bar products so ingenious.

In addition to having delectable scents including vanilla latte and caramel espresso, the products feature coffee granules that disperse on the body when wet to lather and become a body exfoliant.

The bars are great for removing old fake tan or dead, flaky skin, the bars are a great multitasker and will leave your body hydrated and smooth.

Byron Bath Salts

When it comes to life’s simple luxuries, a relaxing bath continues to reign supreme.

But if you’re looking to elevate the experience, Byron Bath Salts provide the ultimate relaxation by combining soothing oils with Byron Bay’s mineral-enriched epsom salts.

The salt products aim to help rejuvenate, restore and even detox your body and mind.

The Hemp Company

The health benefits of hemp continue to be realised and the beauty and skincare industries are at the forefront of making use of its benefits.

The Hemp Company is a trailblazer of hemp-based body products and skincare and its Pink Pomelo Body Wash is a particular favourite.

Made with natural ingredients, the body wash moisturises, softens, hydrates, and nourishes while providing a thorough cleanse.

MOR Correspondence

Founded in Melbourne more than 20 years ago, MOR continues to be the go-to brand for all things bodycare for Australians.

MOR’s correspondence line is a more recent endeavour.

Inspired by moments in time, the range features multi-sensory, indulgent bath and body products.

Its Kashmir Petals Body Cream contains moisture-rich coconut and rosehip oils with vitamin E, chamomile and extracts of pomegranate and rooibos.

Enya Body

Sometimes the best self-care routines are the ones kept simple, especially for those with sensitive skin.

For this reason, Enya Body’s Wash Milk & Honey provides a gentle and affordable solution with a light, inoffensive scent to top it off.

Written by beauty editor Charlotte Brundrett.