Why skincare is central to Brooke Hogan’s self-care routine

Influencer and model Brooke Hogan shares the self-care practices that nourished her during pregnancy and continue to help her flourish post-birth.

Life has been a whirlwind for new mum Brooke Hogan since she and husband Myles had baby Billy 10 months ago.

But the model, influencer and business owner’s journey to motherhood hasn’t been easy.

For almost two years, Brooke and Myles struggled with infertility and IVF – until one phone call to the couple from a nurse changed everything.

“Our nurse said, in the happiest voice, ‘It worked, you’re pregnant’,” Brooke recalls.

“I basically threw my phone and we both fell to the floor, sobbing happy tears.

“It still makes me so emotional even thinking back to that moment.”

How Brooke took care of herself while pregnant

Regular self-care helped Brooke thrive during what she describes as a surreal pregnancy experience.

“Even though some days were tough, and I was super uncomfortable by the end, I truly loved every moment of it and I would wake up every day and be in shock that I was actually pregnant,” she says.

Self-care practices like going for a walk, catching up with friends and keeping up a skincare routine became her non-negotiables and have continued postpartum.

“When I prioritise time for myself, I always feel refreshed and re-energised, which I need, to be able to run after a busy 10-month-old!” she says.

How Palmer’s Stretch Mark skincare range became a firm favourite

It took trial and error for Brooke to find natural products that worked for her skin.

“I have sensitive skin, so it has definitely taken me a long time to figure out what my skin likes and doesn’t like,” she says.

“I have to be mindful of active ingredients, so I opt to use natural ingredients as much as I can.”

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks became her saving grace, and a daily application helped nourish her skin and bond with baby Billy, growing in her belly.

“I came across Palmer’s Stretch Mark range early on in my pregnancy and I used it religiously – especially towards the end when my skin was really tight, particularly around my stomach,” she says.

Brooke wanted to use a safe, trusted brand while pregnant and knew Palmer’s had been around for more than 25 years and had natural-based ingredients.

She also wanted to try and help prevent stretch marks as best as she could.

“I didn’t end up getting stretch marks and I think Palmer’s really helped with that,” she notes.

“My favourite combo was the Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks layered over with the Tummy Butter or Massage Oil.”

What Brooke’s skincare routine looks like as a new mum

Understandably, self-care now looks a little different for Brooke as she navigates motherhood.

“I love absolutely everything about being a mum – it is the best gift in the entire world,” she shares.

Brooke’s skincare routine might be delayed by a few hours or miss a step here and there, with Billy as her priority, but she still carves out some self-care time.

“I will always shower, cleanse my face and apply my serums and SFP moisturiser.

“In the evenings, after Billy has gone to bed, I get a bit more time to myself and often do a face mask or LED mask, sometimes a body scrub and always finish the night off with moisturising lotion before bed so my skin can soak up all the goodness overnight.”

Even now, after having Billy, she continues to use Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, to give back to her skin and improve firmness.

“It’s a great everyday moisturiser that I still lather all over now,” she says.

“It has ingredients like collagen that help with firming everything up postpartum.”

A thick formula for all-over use

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks is a thick but non-greasy formula that is ideal for all-over body use to replace a regular moisturiser.

The lotion can be layered with Palmer’s other Stretch Mark products such as the  Tummy Butter or Massage Oil to provide intense nourishment to areas of the skin undergoing rapid stretching (such as the stomach, bust and hips).

It can also be used for post-natal care to help firm and support skin tone or continue to treat marks that may have appeared.

*This post is brought to you by Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.