Beauty busters: How to transform your skin from dry to dewy

For many of us, dry skin is the No.1 beauty concern, but here are some top tips to help you get your glow back on.

Winter is on the doorstep – and that spells bad news for our skin.

Cold air, lower humidity and indoor heating can combine to leave skin feeling dry and dull.

The good news? It is possible to reclaim your radiance with a few quick and simple tricks.

6 tips for dewier skin

Give hot showers the cold shoulder

There’s no denying the allure of a steaming hot shower but it doesn’t do your skin any favours.

A long, sizzling soak can strip skin of its natural oils and damage the skin’s barrier, leading to moisture loss and redness.

It’s best to have a warm shower instead – and remember to keep it short.

Consider a humidifier

With winter and indoor heating tag-teaming to dry out the air, it might be time to harness the power of a humidifier to put the moisture back in.

Widely available and in a range of styles and prices, this handy device could be just the thing to soothe dry skin.

Rethink your soap

Love lathering up?

We all need to stay hygienic, of course, but if you have sensitive skin you may want to rethink your soap or body wash.

Conventional soaps and washes, while good at removing dirt, may contain ingredients and scents that irritate skin.

Consider using cleansing products designed for sensitive skin instead.

Try fragrance-free laundry detergents

The thought of freshly washed sheets wafting the gentle scent of an ocean breeze may be appealing.

But choosing a fragrance-free laundry detergent can reduce the risk of allergic reactions and disruptions to the skin barrier.

Resist the itch

If your skin becomes dry, red and itchy, it’s the most common thing in the world to want to scratch it.

But, if at all possible, resist the urge to itch as it can damage skin.

Most of the time, moisturisers will soothe your skin, and you can use a cold compress if you need some extra support.

Select skin-savvy beauty products

It’s also super important to choose the right beauty products, including a hydrating cleanser and hydrating moisturiser.

And ingredients matter!

Look for deeply nourishing rosehip oil, which contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids and has shown promising results in aiding inflammatory skin conditions.

Also look for hydration hero hyaluronic acid, a key molecule involved in skin moisture with its unique capacity to retain water.

essano’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil has cult status in New Zealand and Australia and is the No.1-selling rosehip oil in Australasia1.

It has new-look packaging but is still the same amazing formulation, with 99.5 per cent pure organic rosehip oil.

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The iconic oil is the centrepiece of essano hydration+, a range of products that combines the oil with four molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and other skin-loving superstars to deliver multi-depth hydration.

The extended essano hydration+ range includes a Daily Facial Moisturiser that’s clinically proven to deliver +66 per cent rapid hydration2; plus a Gel Cleanser, Pink Clay Exfoliator, Toning Mist and Super Serum, which floods the skin with hydrating actives for 48 hours3.

The essano hydration+ range is for those seeking intensely hydrated, dewy and glowing skin.

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1 Total AU and NZ Grocery Scan MAT to 17/3/24. Data sourced from Circana MarketEdge based on data definitions provided by Essano Limited
2 Clinical test results after 30 minutes. Independent clinical study, n=20
3 Clinical test results after 30 minutes. Independent clinical study, n=20results after 48 hours. Independent clinical study, n=20