Cherry cola lips are the new flavour of the month

Cherry cola lips is a hot new make-up trending taking off on BeautyTok, but it’s not nearly as edible as it sounds.

When it comes to classic beauty trends, a neutral lip will always be timeless.

However, this season’s take on the neutral lip is a little edgier and draws inspiration from the most unlikely of places: cherry coca cola.

What are cherry cola lips?

The rising popularity of red-brown lip glosses, balms and tints have led to beauty creators on TikTok dubbing the trend cherry cola lips. 

Think of it as an elevated interpretation of the ever-nostalgic soda themed lip smackers.

Cherry red is a popular shade in beauty at the moment – not only trending on lips, but hair too. 

The trend has also been compared to Douyin make-up, which originated in China and typically involves a blurred, glossy lip using a deep lip tint.

“I love the cherry cola lip trend; it’s a really adaptable trend and you can make the lips super opaque or very sheer,” Perth make-up artist Emily Djamil says. 

“I’ve recreated the look on clients and they tend to prefer a sheerer take on the trend, which isn’t as dramatic and more suitable for every day.”

How to achieve cherry cola lips at home

There’s a few different iterations of the look trending on TikTok, but the most common approach involves using a brown liner combined with a red or red-brown gloss for an enhanced lip that’s still relatively close to your natural lip shade.

According to Emily, her preferred technique for cherry cola lips involves first lining the lip, then applying your lip product of choice, before going back over with the perimeter of the lips with lip liner to finish the look off and give it a more crisp finish.

“This technique can help the product wear longer and it also creates a really beautiful ombre effect on the lips,” she says.

For those who want a softer or more blurred effect on the lips, Emily suggests opting for a sheer tinted gloss instead. 


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Is the cherry cola lip trend for everyone?

Neutral lip shades tend to be universally flattering, however cherry cola is a warm based shade and consequently might not suit people with cooler undertones. 

“I love the concept of cherry cola lips, but sometimes the depth of colour might be a bit intimidating for people who prefer a more natural looking lip,” make-up artist Kiandra Entwistle says. 

“You just have to adapt it to suit your undertone and skin shade, but I definitely think the trend is capable of being universally flattering if the right tones are used.”

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett, Beauty Editor