Why we are loving the clean make-up look and how to achieve it

Polished yet understated, clean make-up has become one of the major beauty trends this season and it’s surprisingly easy to recreate.

There has been a tangible shift in the beauty world, with heavy handed “insta baddie” make-up on the way out in favor of a fresher and overall “cleaner” make-up aesthetic.

“People are embracing a ‘less is more’ approach and I am here for it,” Victorian make-up artist Ellie Schon says.

“I love the clean make-up trend – it’s much more natural compared to the trends we’ve seen in recent years and it’s great to see more people enhancing their natural features rather than hiding or drastically changing their faces with heavy contouring.”

According to make-up artist Laura Di Francesco, the clean make-up look is all about layering minimal product.

“It’s very easy to overdo it, but you don’t want to be heavy handed,” Laura says.

“Rather than applying a foundation directly on to your face, place it on a palette and buff it out on your brush or sponge, which gives you more control over the amount of product applied.”

“A pro tip is to apply all of your cream face products then go over the face with a beauty sponge to blend everything together, creating a seamless finish that reduces excess product in the process.”

Skin-like foundation is a major drawcard of the trend, which is why Laura recommends you don’t over powder the skin because this will eliminate any radiance from your make-up.

Instead, the make-up artist recommends lightly powdering areas where you are prone to creasing or shine.


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How to recreate the clean make-up look at home

In terms of products, Ellie recommends starting with a rich moisturiser mixed with a small amount of a liquid luminiser if you want that extra glowy look.

Foundation is optional for this trend and depends on the state of your skin, but those with clear skin should just spot conceal where needed.

For a truly scaled back look, Ellie suggests keeping eyes and brows minimal by only applying a few coats of mascara and some clear brow gel to give some shape and lift to the brows.

To add some colour and definition to the face without looking overly sculpted, Ellie recommends a cream stick blush in a shade that will make you look naturally sun-kissed or flushed.

“I don’t see bronzer as a necessary step for this trend, but go for something lightweight and creamy that blends like a dream in order to keep things natural-looking,” Ellie says.

To complete the look, Ellie recommends a pink or nude lip to keep things understated.

“Stick to something similar to your natural lip colour,” she says.

“I would be adding a lip balm that’s a bit glossy before finishing the look with a setting product to melt all the products into the skin.”

Is the clean make-up trend acne friendly?

Just because the clean make-up look is skin focused doesn’t mean it is exclusive to those with a naturally flawless base.

“Clear smooth skin isn’t crucial, but as with any make-up look it is important to have your skin in optimal shape, so be consistent with your skincare and drink adequate water so your skin remains hydrated,” Ellie says.

“Ideally, try to avoid foundation for this look, but if you feel a little coverage is necessary then a good quality lightweight foundation won’t hurt.”


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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.