Get the best skin of your life with this simple step

Put your best face forward with this easy skincare hack.

While we all love timesaving hacks, when it comes to skincare a few extra minutes in the bathroom can be the difference between good skin and great skin.

While mustering up the energy to wash your face after a long day is often effort in itself, if you find yourself waking up to pesky blemishes or blotchy, dull skin it might be a sign that you need to up the ante on your skincare routine.

To really reap the benefits that your skincare products promise and achieve your best complexion, double cleansing needs to become a fundamental step in your nightly beauty regime.

What is double cleansing?

While it might sound like a fancy new trend, the art of double cleansing is nothing new and is in fact a practice that has been followed for centuries by Korean and Japanese women.

However, before you hastily grab your usual cleanser and start lathering up, double cleansing is much more than washing your face twice.

A regular cleanser on its own is not enough to decongest your skin and properly remove product build up from primers, sunscreens, or long wear foundation, in a single wash. To get that deep clean, your first step should involve an oil-based cleanser, followed by washing with your regular cream, gel or foam cleanser.

Why you should be double cleansing

Regardless of whether you have been wearing make-up throughout the day or not, double cleansing is important to remove any congestion, grime or impurities that have been sitting on top of your skin all day.

Using an oil-based product first on dry skin works to attract makeup, dirt or dead skin cells and lifts them away from your skin. This allows your second cleanser to work more effectively to thoroughly cleanse your skin, and after, your moisturising creams and serums to be better absorbed.

How to double cleanse

Step 1. Choose an oil-based cleanser

On dry skin, massage a few drops of your chosen oil all over your face, eyes and lips in gentle circular movements to dislodge and soften impurities.

Once your make-up has been dissolved, rub a small amount of water onto your face to emulsify the oil, turning it into a milky substance. Lastly, remove with lukewarm water or a warm flannel.

We recommend RosehipPLUS Australian Certified Organic Rosehip Oil from Chemist Warehouse, as it’s cold pressed and rich in naturally occurring A and C vitamins, bioflavonoids and essential fatty acids.

Step 2. Second cleanse

Once you have removed the oil from your skin, follow up with your usual cleanser.

Opt for one that is gentle but still effective such as a cream, milk or gel based wash, as harsh foaming cleansers may strip moisture from the skin.

Take a pea-sized amount and apply to your face using gentle upwards movements.

We recommend a cleanser like the RosehipPLUS Organic Daily Cream Cleanser from Chemist Warehouse as it contains rosehip oil, jojoba oil and Sea Buckthorn to soften and refresh the skin.

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Written by Chantalle Duffin

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