Brown-eyed girl: Expert tips to make brown eyes pop

The House Of Wellness beauty expert Jade Kisnorbo reveals how brown-eyed girls can make a statement this festive season with a stunning metallic eye look to rock any summer soiree.

From bright, electric pops to pretty pastel shades, brown-eyed girls can have some fun and channel the ‘80s vibe with a glam splash of blue this summer.

From shimmery neutrals to shades of deep bronze and olive, metallic eyeshadows are great for creating a high impact effect on the eye with minimal effort required.

Olive or green hued metallics are great for making darker eyes pop, while bronze and gold shades make a greater impact on lighter eyes.

Metallic eyes are an easy solution for glamming up your look for the festive season and the trend can be easily recreated at home by following a few simple steps from Jade Kisnorbo.

Get the look: Dazzling statement brown eyes

Step 1

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help brown eyes stand out is incorporating the most contrasting colour on the colour wheel, which is green.

For your base, apply Revlon Colorstay Powder Bronzer over the entire eye area, diffusing any harsh lines as you approach the outer lid.

Using a small smudge brush, apply the bronzer along the lower eye rim, smudging as you go.

Step 2

For a pop of colour, apply Revlon Colorstay Gleaming Eyes Liquid Eyeshadows in Spice and Antique across the lid area only.

For a more dramatic effect, you can add further pigment to the look by patting metallic pressed eyeshadows like the Revlon So Fierce! Prismatic Eyeshadow palette in Slight Flex on top of the cream shadow.

Step 3

Apply three to four coats of Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara to finish the look, with false lashes an optional addition depending on how dramatic you want the eyes to look.

Tip: Wait a few minutes between mascara applications to ensure the mascara can dry and properly adhere to the lashes.

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.