Jade Kisnorbo: How to recreate gender-neutral, ‘clean’ make-up

Despite its name, the ‘clean girl’ make-up trend suits everyone. Beauty expert Jade Kisnorbo shows you how to achieve this gender-neutral make-up look.

Don’t let its name fool you: the “clean girl” aesthetic is very much a gender-neutral beauty trend.

Characterised by radiant, supple skin and full, well-groomed brows, this fresh-faced look is being embraced by people of all ages and pronouns.

And, better yet, it’s incredibly easy to recreate.


Get the look: gender-neutral ‘clean girl’ make-up

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

To achieve supple skin, your face needs to be prepped with adequate hydration.

Apply then massage your preferred moisturiser into your skin for optimal absorption, letting the product sink in for a few minutes to reduce interference with your base make-up.

2. Apply concealer and base product

Conceal and correct areas of concern such as dark circles, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Targeting specific areas reduces the need for heavy foundation.

Need additional coverage? Opt for a skin tint instead of full-coverage base make-up.

3. Shape and style your brows

Groom your brows with a spoolie brush until you’ve achieved your desired shape, tweezing stray hairs in the process.

Using a clear brow gel or pomade, secure the shape – use a strong-hold formula if you prefer a hyperstyled, laminated effect.

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