Why both gloss and matte have a place in your lipstick wardrobe

Freshen your look this spring with a new lipstick – or two.

There are two camps when it comes to lips – matte and gloss. Most will swear by one and avoid the other.

There are pros and cons to both but trying something new can really update your look. Putting on a different lip finish can feel like putting on a new outfit. Plus there’s the added bonus that it’s much cheaper to buy a new lippy than a new outfit.

Matte lips tend to be considered chic and sophisticated, while glossy lips are seen as fun and carefree. Whichever way you swing it’s a great way to express yourself in an understated way.

Celebrity make-up artist Dean Nixon loves both and appreciates the qualities each have to offer.

“Matte lipsticks need a more skilled hand to apply but strength of pigment far outweighs the effort and they’re great for a more dressed up look. Gloss is quick and easy to apply and gives a fresh, natural look to your make-up but needs more regular application,” Dean says. “Although all colours work well in either gloss or matte, some do work better in one finish or the other.”

“Red, plum and nude are ideal matte tones, while pinks and berry hues are great in a gloss, and orange works in either variation.”

So throw caution to the wind and make way in your make-up bag for a new lippy or two.

Dean’s Top Tips for Gloss Girls

  • Some glosses can be drying on the lips so add moisture by using a lip balm beforehand.
  • To give gloss a little more staying power, use a coloured lip liner beforehand to line and colour in the entire lip.
  • If you have lines around your mouth use an invisible lip liner to prevent colour bleeding out and looking messy.
  • To achieve a softer and more natural feel apply with your finger and dab a small amount on to the lip.

When Matte Lips Are The Way To Go

  • Hydrate your lips before using matte formulas as they can dry and crack.
  • Most matte formulas are heavy in pigment so can be applied without using a lip liner. The best way to get a perfectly straight lip line and even colour is to use a lip brush and follow the line of your lip.
  • Matte lip formulas are generally longer lasting than gloss. They’re also great if you are a set and forget type of person.
  • A nude matte lip colour is the perfect way to complement a smoky eye.

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