How a good make-up mirror can change your life

A make-up mirror is an essential tool when creating any fabulous finish, but what makes a good one?

Beauty enthusiasts spend plenty of time researching lipsticks, blushes, mascaras and foundations.

We even think about the best brushes to create that perfect line, but what about when it comes to the most important item? Your mirror.

This item is crucial to your tool kit when creating that flawless look.

Here are some things to think about when buying your next one.

Mirror shape and size

The classic mirror seen in films and popular media is circular and small.

These can be compact and many are transportable.

But perhaps you prefer a wider rectangle model so you can see all your face at once from different angles.

There are multiple shapes and sizes, and our experts say it’s about finding the right one for you.

“You don’t need a really big mirror that you can’t move around, but you do need something where you can sit back and see a full view of your face,” The Makeup Artist’s Hustle, Melbourne founder Nita Narayan, says.

“However, too small you won’t get the best perspective on the entire make-up look.”

Mirror magnification

Starlet Concepts creative director Lindsay Cliff says close-ups are key when trying to create intricate looks.

“It’s good to have a mirror that magnifies the area enough so that you can see every detail,” Lindsay says.

“It helps when making sharp lines and to make sure everything is cut cleanly.”

Nita adds a two-in-one option offers a broader use.

“There are mirrors where one side is normal, however you can flip it over and the other side can be used to magnify the face for closer inspection,” Nira says.

“This is really useful for detail, especially when you’re doing a winged eye or a cut crease.”

Fixed or handheld mirrors

Some people prefer large stationary mirrors and others prefer portable versions.

A fixed mirror typically means you cannot move with the light, while portable options mean you can move around and see your look from different angles.

If you prefer a handheld option, make sure it’s not too small or too heavy, Lindsay advises.

Do mirrors need lights?

In the age of selfies and Insta posts, lighting is key, with some mirrors coming with built-in light options.

“There are mirrors that you can manually adjust from a warm light to a cooler light,” Lindsay says.

“You can also use a ring light or get one that you can mount on your mobile phone.

“You can see everything and the light allows you to see how your look shines.

“People often use them to take selfies.”

Mirror lights can range from cheaper models to more expensive versions so you should find one that suits your needs and your budget.

“Lights are really good, but you still need to look at your make-up in natural light because it will look different,” Nita adds.