How to help your skin glow this winter

Cold air and low humidity levels can have a direct impact on skin. Here’s what to do about it.

As the winter’s dry, cold air replaces summer’s balmy vibes, skin can start feeling drier and flakier and looking a lot less radiant than we like.

So, where did the glow go?

What winter does to skin

Think cold and rain, and somehow in our minds we equate all that water to moisturise for our skin – but the opposite is true.

Research shows cold temperatures and low humidity levels draw moisture away from skin, leading to a decrease in hydration without our moisture barrier, which can result in greater skin sensitivity.

Add in central heating and hotter showers, and skin can be left feeling tight, dry, rough and sometimes even irritated.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to relieve aggravated dry winter skin.

1. Moisturise straight after washing

Any time you wash your hands or face you strip your skin of natural oils.

So moisturise every time you put water on your skin, particularly in the winter.

2. Look for the right skincare ingredients

One indispensable ingredient when it comes to winter is the superstar hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient that keeps skin hydrated.

Blue daisy is an ingredient with natural origins that helps soothe discomfort and redness. Perfect for winter.

3. Hydrate from the inside

Studies show it is possible to hydrate from the inside out and every little bit helps right? Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and no, not red wine. Water, water, water.

4. Go easy on turning up the dial

High central heating can make the air dry inside your home (sucking moisture right out of the air).

And steaming hot showers or baths, tempting as they sound, are also super drying.

So go easy and keep things calm and comfortable.

5. Consider a humidifier

These help add moisture back into the air, especially helpful during those dry, cold winter days.

Try one in the bedroom while you sleep.

Looking for optimal 48-hour hydration?

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So you can turn your best glowiest winter face to the world and smile.

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