How to banish dull, uneven skin

Dewy, glowing, radiant skin is something we all aspire to.

While some people seem genetically blessed with fresh-faced beauty, the good news is that advances in science mean a luminous visage is achievable for us all.

Skincare products are now chock-full of lightening and brightening ingredients that can work as a powerful weapon in your daily arsenal.

Why does our skin get duller as we age?

It’s one of those unfair facts of life that skin renewal decreases as we get older, meaning dull skin is often one of the first signs of ageing.

As we get older our skin gets drier and duller and can cause pigmentation, as the production of new cells slows.

In addition, external factors like sun damage, stress, dehydration and poor diet all take a toll on our skin texture and tone.

When you’re young and your skin is fuller and fresher, you can get away with a more minimalistic approach to your skincare.

As you get older, it’s time to start on the path of a really good daily regime.

The reality is that for most of us, sustaining a great complexion and perfect glowing skin takes at least a little effort.

What’s all the fuss about ‘skin brightening’?

There’s a growing trend towards revolutionary skin brightening antioxidants, which work to naturally revitalise the complexion and target micropigmentation in the skin.

They do this by using an active ingredient, or a combination of ingredients, to reduce the amount of melanin (a naturally occurring pigment) in the skin – helping with common skin complaints such as blemishes, pigmentation and ‘age spots’.

Many are also designed to improve elasticity and firmness and to help keep the skin moist and supple, leaving users with that glowy and coveted “I’ve-just-had-a-full-night’s-sleep” look.

Going back to nature for pure and clean ingredients

Many people believe nature knows best when it comes to the high-performing active goodness we need to optimise collagen and elastin production, and antioxidant activity in human skin cells.

In New Zealand, cutting-edge innovation is being used to produce skincare with potent skin-enhancing properties from ingredients such as manuka honey with its anti-blemish properties.

Botanical extracts from New Zealand grape seeds and kiwifruit, which can brighten skin by inhibiting melanin production, are also fast gaining traction.

The same goes for peony flower extract, a powerful compound that blocks melanin-stimulating cells and has proven hugely beneficial in brightening the skin.

By choosing skincare that combines powerful natural ingredients and remembering to do all of those things you know you should – like exfoliating, wearing sunscreen, drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep – you can keep your glow on for years to come.

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