How to achieve laminated brows at home

Forget having to head to the salon for perfect brows – as Jade K explains, these days you can achieve red carpet ‘wow’ from the comfort of your bathroom.

Brow lamination has taken social media by storm and left us all craving perfectly feathered brows.

A little like a lash lift, but for your brows, lamination involves using a semi-permanent treatment that straightens and sets your eyebrows into full, thick wonderfulness for weeks.

While the glossy, brushed-up brows you see on celebs can take more than a few hours in the beautician’s chair, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Ardell’s new Brow Lamination kits deliver salon-style results at home, so you can ace the celebrity look for a fraction of the time and price.

The House of Wellness beauty expert Jade Kisnorbo shares her top tips for laminating brows at home, with this simple-to-follow process:

1. Prep and prime

“Start by cleansing your brows thoroughly to remove any dirt, oils, or makeup residue, creating a blank canvas for optimal product absorption and adherence,” Jade says.

2. Apply brow affix

“Next, apply the brow affix from bottle one on to a small section of the brow and, using the clear mini comb, brush hairs upwards and continue to work in small sections through the brow,” she says.

3. Apply style solution

Next, it’s cotton swab time. Grab your Style Solutions (bottle two) and using the swab, apply on to your brows before covering with plastic film.

Leave for five minutes (yep, perfect time to start another beauty treatment or check your emails).

4. Brush brows out

“After gently removing the plastic film from your brows, use the clear mini comb to brush your brow hair upwards, removing any excess glue and style solution,” Jade says.

5. Neutralise

Using another cotton swab, dip into the neutraliser from bottle three and smooth it on to your brows before covering them again with plastic film and leaving for another five minutes. Perfect time to put your feet up and read a mag.

6. Apply treatment oil

“After removing the plastic film, lightly moisten a paper towel with water and blot your brows to remove the neutraliser and wait two minutes for your brows to fully set,” Jade says.

“Then it’s time for the treatment oil from bottle four, which you apply on to your brows with a spoolie, again blotting the excess with a paper towel.”

7. After-care

There are just a few things to remember to keep your beautifully feathered brows looking shiny and smooth.

“The first thing is to keep them dry, so avoid steam and water for 24 hours,” Jade says.

“You can trim and shape them as you like and to make sure they remain their healthy best and in great shape, retouching isn’t recommended for between six and eight weeks.”

Get the look

Ardell’s Brow Lamination Kit lasts up to five weeks, is safe and easy to use and, importantly, waterproof once fully set, with three applications per kit.

Slay your brow goals in these few quick and easy steps and get ready for bold, beautiful brows that will be the envy of all.

* This post is brought to you by Ardell Brow Lamination Kit. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.