Purple reign: How to rock the lavender chrome make-up trend

Step away from the neutral eye as beauty guru Jade Kisnorbo shows us how to nail on-trend lavender chrome make-up for a fresh seasonal look.

Lavender chrome — a modern take on Y2K pastel lids — is right on trend and it’s being spotted everywhere: on the eyes, nails, cheeks, and even on beauty packaging.

Needless to say, lavender chrome won’t be fading into obscurity any time soon, which is why it’s worth getting acquainted with the look by trying it out for yourself.

Who can wear lavender chrome?

This trend can be very flattering and wearable because lavender chrome boasts soft, reflective tones.

It’s particularly suited to people with green, hazel or brown eyes, as these shades contrast against purple on the colour wheel.

All dressed up

Lavender isn’t just having a moment in beauty, it’s also making waves in fashion. Fully embrace the trend by coordinating your eyes with a lavender outfit for a monochromatic moment.

Or opt for a brown ensemble. Much like purple make-up flatters brown eyes, it also pops when paired with a chocolate outfit.

Finishing touch

Another perk of lavender chrome eyeshadow is that it encourages people to use more variation with their finishes.

Reflective, shimmery, metallic eyeshadows and paint pots can create a high impact look without requiring much work in terms of application, which is why this lavender chrome eye trend is suited to everyone – regardless of their level of make-up experience.

How to apply lavender chrome make-up

1 Create a smooth base

Apply your chosen base products, building up your coverage gradually to achieve a skin-like finish that is free of cakiness.

2 Add colour

Taking your preferred eyeshadow palette, apply a lavender chrome shade over the entire lid.

Depending on your personal preference, you can apply the shadow on your lid only or extend it outwards and upwards for a fresh and youthful look.

3 Amplify your lashes

Take your favourite  lengthening mascara and apply one coat, allowing it to dry before repeating the process for maximum impact.

If you want to amp up the eyes even further, add some individual lashes.

4 Gloss and set

To complete the look, apply some clear gloss so that your lips have some dimension without distracting from the eyes, which are the focal point of the look.

Once you’re happy with how everything looks, spritz your entire face with some setting spray to lock everything in place.

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