Meet the eyebrow expert who is changing the way we treat our brows

Never underestimate the power of the brow, especially in the form of a beauty business venture.

To the untamed brow, Sharon Lee Hamilton is a well-groomed stranger, but she’s a celebrity in her own right for manicured men and women around the world.

The seasoned eyebrow technician has been in demand for more than 26 years and reveals there’s a lot more to good eyebrows than a decent pair of tweezers.

“I’ve always been passionate about brows,” Sharon Lee says. “I trained nationally and internationally as a beauty therapist, but only ever wanted to focus on brows.”

The single mum to Cody, 10, is based in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra but travels regularly to tend to her international clientele, which includes famous names such as Serena Williams, Kylie Minogue and the Olsen twins.

Unsurprisingly, a misshapen brow remains one of Sharon Lee’s biggest gripes.

“You can’t hide bad brows,” she says. “You can mask a bad haircut, but not a bad brow job. Everything is factored when designing and building the brow line. Age, sex, colouring, hair texture, eyesight, face shape, the list goes on…”

Sharon Lee and her team have come up with the perfect brow-shaping technique.

“We use a wax and tweeze method along with our signature snap and tear to shorten hair without it looking trimmed and blunt at the tip,” Sharon Lee says.

She recently added semi-permanent tattooing to her repertoire of brow services, an increasingly popular technique among eyebrow technicians.

So, does that mean over-zealous plucking in your teens is no longer an obstacle for good eyebrows?

“With the new semi-permanent methods, the answer is yes – absolutely,” she says.

When she isn’t tending to her overseas clients, Sharon Lee juggles her time between her Sydney brow salon and quarterly trips to Melbourne and Perth.

See a professional, if only once to know how your brows should be – Sharon Lee Hamilton

Sharon Lee’s Expert Advice

Plucking vs threading

“I’m not a fan of threading, it snaps the hair more often than not and the regrowth is far quicker.”

Tattooed eyebrows

“I like methods that are not lifelong commitments. Faces change, trends change; you want something that you can pull back on if needed.”

Dyeing brows

“Tinting is great! Stains are too, and henna is just fabulous for a more long-lasting effect.”

Go black and bold with your brows this season – just ensure you use a light hand to avoid the dreaded sharpie brow.

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett