4 steps to prepare your face for foundation and makeup

Take these steps before applying your makeup to guarantee a flawless foundation and complexion perfection. 

When it comes to makeup, a good base is essential – and that’s before you even think about applying foundation.

Here are four simple things to do to get your skin makeup-ready.

1. Start with a super clean face

Clean as you would usually, making sure to rinse away all traces of cleansers.

Pat dry, leaving your face a little damp to help your moisturiser to work better.

2. Moisturise – and let it sink in

The creaminess of moisturiser can cause your make-up to thin out if it hasn’t had enough time to soak into your skin.

It’s the difference between your foundation looking flawless or blotchy, and it can affect its staying power throughout the day.

The trick is to wait 60 seconds until your moisturiser is absorbed – or if you’re in a rush, blot your face with a tissue after moisturising.

3. Prime time

Make-up artists always “prime” the skin before applying foundation – it’s the secret step to getting an even coverage. The new make-up must!

Face primers cleverly fill in every crease and crevice; smooth out the skin’s surface; even out skin tone; help to disguise blemishes by helping your concealer and makeup blend more evenly; make your foundation stick around longer; and reduce shine.

Simply apply as you do your moisturiser.

4. Conceal

Concealer is next and should only go on imperfections – think spot cover instead of all-over coverage.

To disguise under-eye darkness, choose a concealer one or two tones lighter than your foundation.

For spots and blemishes, choose a concealer the same colour as your foundation. (A cheap trick used by some makeup artists is to grab the thicker foundation that has collected in the cap of the bottle).

Use your finger to gently apply concealer under your eyes. The heat from your fingers helps it blend.

For blemishes, use a fine-tipped brush instead of fingers, which only rub off the concealer.

And there you have it – complexion perfection. Now you’re ready for flawless foundation.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi.