The return of makeup on your post-iso skin

Bring your makeup routine out of coronavirus lockdown with these expert tips.

Have your cosmetics spent the past few months in isolation along with you?

With many of our recent social and workplace interactions taking place online, there’s been limited need for a full makeup routine.

However as lockdown measures begin to ease, many of us are re-entering the real world – and facing the daunting prospect of resuming regular makeup application!

A chance to reassess your makeup

Australian makeup artist Dale Dorning says that like many aspects of our lives, the forced stoppage has presented a unique opportunity to re-evaluate whether former routines are “still working”.

“Many of us have recently pared back all aspects of our lives,” explains Dale. “With makeup, I’m all for an ease back re-introduction and adopting a ‘less is more’ approach.”

Go easy on the base

After a prolonged makeup hiatus, Dale says it’s important not to overload the skin with unnecessary base products.

Accordingly, Dale recommends simplifying your routine to a tinted moisturiser layered with an SPF and luminizer.

“This combination of base products alone should be enough. SPF provides essential UV protection, moisturiser plumps the skin and luminizer refracts light.”

If you prefer fuller coverage, Dale’s top picks are oil-free liquid foundations or mineral powders.

But instead of defaulting to an all-over application, Dale suggests spot applying to “areas where needed – more like a concealer.”

Brighten up to stay on trend

Embracing on-trend colours is another simple way to update your post-isolation makeup routine.

“Spring 2020 is about pastel hues and gloss,” explains Dale.

“Think gelati and fairy floss shades on the eyes and cheeks, paired with generous coats of mascara and lips coated with transparent hues.”

When navigating coloured makeup trends, consider formulations:

“Gel eyeshadows and pencils have better staying power and limit smearing,” says Dale.

“Cream-based lipsticks deliver great colour pay-off while keeping lips hydrated. For blush, look for barely-there colour and soft-to-the-touch powders.”

In keeping with Dale’s “ease-back” approach, avoid over-application by applying makeup in a naturally lit area and only using a “minimal amount” of colour – a little goes a long way.

Keep up your iso skincare routine

While many have opted out of makeup while staying at home, the opposite can be said for skincare routines.

Australian cosmetic sales reports confirmed that spending on categories like face masks and skincare tools grew more than 60 per cent in the first half of 2020.

Dale says it’s important to maintain all that skincare progress by being vigilant about makeup removal and embracing an evening skin care routine comprised of oils and serums to encourage the skin to regenerate and get its “beauty sleep”.

“Removing all trace of makeup allows the skin to balance and function well,” says Dale. “A good double cleanse at night does wonders.”

Written by Sharon Hunt.