The best skin products you need this summer

It’s great to have fun in the sun, but it is important to have a summer skincare routine to protect your skin from harsh conditions. Make these products part of your toolkit.

Being out in the sun is not only fun, but it’s also a reality of life in Australia. 

So, we asked skincare experts what essential products you’ll need through the warmer weather to help your skin stay protected and hydrated.


If you’re out in the sun even just a little bit, you’ll need a quality sunscreen that’s fit for the job, according to dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour.

“By far, this is the most important thing for your skin,” Dr Armour says.

“You’ll want something that’s SPF 50+ that blocks UVA and UVB.”

“If it has iron oxide to block all that visible light, that’s also ideal.”

Sun recovery cream

Looking after your skin also means a care routine after you’ve been out in the sun.

“A recovery cream is really fantastic after sun exposure to work on hydrating the skin,” Trinh Grasso-Nguyen, owner of Absolutely Fabulous Skin in Sydney, says. 

“The main ingredients we use are things like soybean extract, Tasmanian berry extracts and shea butter. 

“These can be really soothing and help rejuvenate the skin.”

A hydrating serum

Serums are game changers and tend to work better than moisturisers when restoring dehydrated skin. 

Dr Armour says serums that include Vitamin C can also help with hyperpigmentation, which sun damage can cause.

A moisturiser to match your skin type

Many people will find the moisturiser that’s perfect in the winter months may not be as good during summer.

Dr Armour explains our skin’s needs change in the warmer months, so you’ll need to find a moisturiser that has the right heaviness for your skin in summer.

“People with oily skin will want something very light,” she explains

“Sunscreen can make you feel greasy and sweat more, so a less oily skin cream is preferable. 

“It’s really key to find a face moisturiser that you love; otherwise, you won’t use it.”

Fake tan

Self-tanning products are often not considered essential. 

But these are the safest way to get a tan, Dr Armour explains.

“People love looking browner, and a self-tanner is affordable and doesn’t damage your DNA,” she says.

Lip balm

Recent research found 0.6 per cent of cancers are located on the lip, and while that may not sound like much, this type of cancer is just as serious and can result in death if not treated.

Dr Armour recommends finding a lip balm with an SPF 30+ rating and wear it whenever you’re outside.