Why we’re sweet for the vanilla girl make-up trend

Soft and effortless make-up is here to stay. The vanilla girl trend is taking over the internet – here’s how you can create the look for yourself.

The internet is going crazy for the vanilla girl beauty trend which is already taking over social platforms.

Taking its name after both the colour and flavour, this trend features shades of cream and white and lashings of vanilla scent.

This craze launched from a string of different aesthetics, including the “clean girl”, which focuses on natural and minimal make-up, and hygge, the Danish term for coziness and comfort.

How to get the vanilla girl make-up look

Championing clean beauty and a “barely there” make-up look, it’s all about creating an at-home feel, with a glowy base, neutral eyeshadow and clean touches.

Soft and effortless beauty has been a staple trend for a few years now, and this new spin is only cementing its place in the make-up scene.

Here’s how you can achieve the make-up look at home.

Prepare your skin

In a similar vein to underpainting, vanilla girl make-up highlights natural-looking skin.

Glowing and healthy, it should essentially look like you have nothing on at all.

While you may think this means fewer products in the routine, you’d be surprised.

In fact, this may require more steps than your regular process.

A lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser will give a dewy appearance.

You can apply concealer on any blemishes or under your eyes, but keep your skin’s texture showing through.

“Dewy make-up is meant to be touched up,” celebrity makeup artist, Jackson Roberts, says.  “Lightly powdering the skin with a translucent powder throughout the day controls your oils but keeps the glow.”

Add cream blush and bronzer to your fingertips and tap them across the cheeks and cheekbones.

“They softly blend into your foundation, giving you warmth and colour while offering more of a glow from within,” Jackson says.

If you’re so inclined, apply a few touches of pink across the bridge of your nose and cheeks for a sun-kissed look.

Easy on the eyes

With the vanilla girl trend, less is more.

Using the same bronzer from your face on the outer V of your eyelids will add dimension and create a cohesive look.

Apply a couple of coats of mascara, and you’re set.

Understated lips

The key to vanilla girl make-up is achieving balance – the same goes for your lip colour.

You only need two products to get this lip look: lip liner and clear gloss.

Find a liner that is one shade deeper to your natural lip colour for an easy everyday look.

If that’s not your thing, light brown or rose pink are great alternatives.

Be sure to blend the outline inwards with a lip brush to diffuse the colours.

Swipe a couple of layers of lip gloss to add instant shine and lock the colour in place.

You can either choose clear or a light pink or brown shade for a bit of extra oomph.

Brow definition

While many trends now call for skinny brows, the vanilla girl look is moving in the opposite direction.

Fill in the sparse areas of your brows with a pencil, but be careful not to overdo it.

Run a few layers of clear gel through your brows in an upward motion, and set them in place.

Written by Alexandra Feiam.