Scent-sational! Top fragrance trends for summer 2024

They say there’s a perfect scent for every season. From tangy and citrusy to herbal, here are the fragrance trends to watch out for this summer.

Whether it’s the minty notes of eucalyptus in winter, the sweet perfume of spring blooms, or the heady mix of coconut, lime and mango in summer, there seems to be a special scent – often based on nostalgia – associated with each of the seasons.

As 2023 draws to a close and we look forward to starting afresh in 2024, why not celebrate new beginnings with a trending summer fragrance?

What are summer’s trending fragrance notes?

The summer fragrances of early 2024 are looking fresh and zesty.

Tropical coconut is fading out to make way for the softer, floral perfume of frangipani, more citrus-based scents and clean, ozonic notes reminiscent of overnight dew and freshly cut grass.

Start the new year with a tang

This summer, instead of the classic coconut and vanilla perfumes, there’s a trend towards lighter, citrusy scents, especially for Australians who want to keep their mid-year European holidays alive, Elizabeth Arden brand manager Claire Mooney says.

“Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea Eau Fraiche has been incredibly popular leading into the summer months as it perfectly encapsulates the Euro summer vibe – think oranges, flowers and ocean breezes,” Claire says.

Fragrances of the World fragrance evaluator Erica Moore agrees – she says this summer, we’re likely to experience tangy citrus notes such as lemon, lime and bergamot, together with a return to watery scents such as cucumber, melon and petrichor (the cool, refreshing smell of rain on dry earth).

“Fruity fragrances are growing in popularity and we’ve seen a lot of peach, pear, berries and gourmand notes appearing in fragrance compositions,” Erica says.

Try herbal notes for the feel-good factor

Alongside tangy citrus scents, there’s a definite demand for herbal-inspired fragrances, according to cosmetic alchemist and Rinascentia founder Rina Timpano.

Rina, who creates natural skin care based on a slow-living ethos, says consumers are looking for feel-good scents as they’re turning to a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

“This summer, we can look forward to fresh and herbal notes, anything that smells ‘green’ like fresh-cut herbs, mosses, green teas,” Rina says.

“These scents help us get in touch with our natural connection to earth, and capture the beauty of nature.”

Celebrate being by the seaside

Because of Australians’ love affair with the beach, Rina says fragrances inspired by the ocean and reminiscent of a fresh summer breeze will feature strongly too, with hints of flinty driftwood and salty citrus adding a twist to the grassy notes of sage and mint.

“While in the last few years the trends were all about the desire to escape to tropical beaches and island life with exotic fruits such as star fruit, yuzu and coconut, this year and moving forward, I feel we are turning inward and connecting with the self and our emotions,” Rina says.

Be adventurous with botanicals

Rina says other unusual aromas she’s come across include beetroot, artichoke, pistachio, saffron and smoked cherry, all of which are being explored by brands looking at modern ways to highlight fruity notes.

She says the rich, woody scent of sandalwood will also continue to feature heavily, alongside other unique and rare botanicals.

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Written by Caroline Zielinski.