Paris Hilton: ‘I always wanted to be more than just the Hilton granddaughter’

After years in the spotlight, Paris Hilton has proved she is a force to be reckoned with – and her famous family couldn’t be more proud.

When Paris Hilton was a young girl she dreamed of being like Elizabeth Taylor, the original celebrity fragrance queen.

The iconic movie star’s first husband in 1950 was Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, who is the brother of Paris’s grandfather, Barron Hilton.

She met Elizabeth many times, and says she was “an iconic legend, so beautiful, so stunning”.

“She had such a big heart and always gave her time to charity and helped make a huge difference in the world, and she will always be remembered like that forever,” Paris tells The House of Wellness.

“It’s amazing to be inspired by that.”

All these years later, Paris, 37, has released more fragrances then Elizabeth – an incredible 24 in total.

“I always admired her and looked up to her for her fragrance empire and now I have released more fragrances then her, so I think it’s a huge accomplishment,” she says.

Her latest fragrance is Platinum Rush, available exclusively in Chemist Warehouse stores.

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The business of being Paris

Like everything she does, Paris is on top of everything from start to finish.

“I’m involved 100 per cent of the way,” she says of her fragrances.

“The name, the design of the bottle, picking out everything, it’s an incredible thing to create.”

Paris is a one-woman business machine; the first celebrity to build a brand around herself with incredible success.

She is in the air sometimes 300 times a year travelling around the world, whether it be working, promoting her fragrances or the 19 other product lines in her company, DJ gigs, acting, producing, or music – the list goes on.

Initially Paris was known as the one of the heiresses of the Hilton Hotel chain, but now she is so much more than that.

That’s exactly how she likes it.

“Growing up in my family, I always looking up to my grandfathers and they were such incredible mentors to me, they taught me so much,” she says.

“I always wanted to make them proud.

“I always wanted to be known as something more than just the Hilton Hotel granddaughter.

“I wanted to be known as Paris, and I feel like I have achieved that now, and I have made my family proud.”

Paris’s hectic life

Paris, who has been in Australia to launch Platinum Rush, is generous and warm despite a punishing work schedule.

But she wouldn’t change that work schedule for the world.

“I don’t even have a day off, I don’t stop,” she says.

“I haven’t been on vacation for so long, it’s all about the work.

“When you are running such a huge company, and with everything I do, it’s such a huge responsibility. But I love it.”

Paris has been to Australia many times since her first visit in 2003, when she was promoting her reality show, The Simple Life.

“I love the energy here,” she says.

“I love Aussies, they are so chilled and down to earth, and so welcoming and fun.”

With Platinum Rush already a success, we can expect more Paris Hilton fragrances – and more visits to Australia – in the near future.

Platinum Rush is available now exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.

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Written by Luke Dennehy.