My Beauty Bag: Alex Fevola’s makeup and skincare secrets

Makeup mogul and mum-of-four Alex Fevola reveals her go-to beauty picks – and why she’s embracing at-home pampering.

With a beauty brand, salon and make-up academy to her name, it’s safe to say Alex Fevola is well versed in cosmetics.

The makeup artist and Runway Room Cosmetics founder juggles running her businesses with raising her daughters with former AFL footy champ Brendan Fevola.

The busy mum of four shares her top beauty products, hacks and inspirations:

What are your three favourite skincare products?

  1. CosMedix Cosmetic Purity Clean Cleanser: It’s an exfoliating cleanser that removes makeup and exfoliates my skin and doesn’t cause congestion.
  2. Rationale Step 6 Night Cream: The formula is a beautiful consistency that hydrates and doesn’t leave a greasy residue; your skin just drinks it.
  3. Runway Room Hydrating Beauty Balm: I apply it before I put make upon and it plumps, firms and radiates my skin.

What about your top must-have beauty products?

  1. Luminous foundation: It’s my everyday go-to. It smooths my complexion without caking and leaves my skin still looking like skin.
  2. Face palette: I’m able to do my whole face with in five minutes, including eye shadow, bronzer, highlighter and blush.
  3. Mascara: Having blonde eyelashes makes mascara an everyday product for me.

What’s your favourite beauty hack?

Multi-purpose products, especially cream tints, which can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips for an all-over fresh glow.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

My nanna would drink hot water with lemon every single morning to flush out toxins and hydrate, she swore by it. Also drinking lots of water in general to stay hydrated.

What’s your favourite beauty trend right now?

Fresh, glowy skin. I’m not a fan of heavy, matte foundations and overly highlighted and contoured skin. I think less is more and there’s nothing more flattering than fresh, natural-looking makeup.

Who do you admire in the beauty industry?

As a businesswoman, I admire Jamie Kern Lima, who’s the founder of IT Cosmetics. She’s super inspiring and started her brand in her garage, building it become a billion-dollar company.

Jamie was told “no” by so many industry experts and buyers, but she believed in her vision and stayed true to herself, staying in touch with her customers and never lost sight of her mission; she’s a really inspiring woman.

As far as make-up artists, there are so many I admire. Mia Connor, Cosmetique, Leah Baines, Nicole Aquilina, honestly the list is so long. What I love about this group of women are their style.

How have you found isolation, especially living with a large family?

I have actually really enjoyed it. I think because we are lucky enough to have a big family, isolation was an opportunity to spend quality, family time together. There was never a dull moment!

It definitely highlighted the importance of family and we realise how lucky we are to have each other.

More make-up tips:

 Written by Charlotte Brundrett