The beauty and health-boosting power of a shower

Who has time to soak in a tub these days? Fear not – showers can be just as revitalising as baths for your mind, body and soul.

Washing away your worries with a long, hot bath after a long day or week is a time-honoured tradition.

And while we might associate baths with R&R and pampering, jumping in the shower can also give you a beauty boost – inside and out.

Here’s how:

Have a blast

Hydrotherapy uses high-powered water jets and alternating water temperature between hot and cold to stimulate blood flow and target problem areas.

The hot water stimulates and relaxes, while the cold invigorates and tones, the skin is left feeling tingly and firm.

DIY at home:

Start with a warm shower, then switch to cold for about 20 seconds and then back to a warm for one to two minutes. Finish with a blast of cold.

This is great for helping a sluggish circulation and revitalising your complexion.

To target dimply skin on hips and thighs, work over the area in circular motions with the shower nozzle, holding it approximately 10 cm from the body and alternating the water temperature from warm to cold.

Steam clean

Saunas are designed to make you sweat to help rid your body of toxins and relieve congested sinuses.

DIY at home:

Turn your bathroom into a steam room by running the shower on the hottest setting for five minutes with the door and windows closed.

Take a tea or elixir into the bathroom to replenish fluid lost through sweating, undress and relax for 10 minutes.

Complete the treatment by giving yourself a body scrub, rinse off with a warm shower and finish with a blast of cold water.

(Note: Drink plenty of water during and afterwards and don’t try this if you’re pregnant, diabetic, epileptic, or suffer hypertension, asthma, heart disease or respiratory problems)

shower benefits


An all-over body exfoliating treatment deep cleanses the skin, sheds away dull skin cells and boosts circulation.

Thick salt scrubs are best as they exfoliate every inch of the skin thoroughly, and the easiest place to use them is in the shower.

DIY at home:

First step into the shower, and wet your body.

Then turn the water off while you exfoliate – you want it on your skin, not trickling down the drain!

Scoop the scrub into the palm of your hand, and using circular motions, rub firmly into your damp skin to create friction.

Start at your feet and work your way upwards to get a good circulatory boost.

Then rinse off with warm water, and slather your body in a rich body moisturiser to protect and nourish your newly buffed skin.

You’ll be rewarded with a top-to-toe salt glow, and a perfect base for streak-free self tanner application.

Get softy

The best time to moisturise your skin is undoubtedly after a shower, when skin is damp and hydrated.

Moisturiser seals in post shower hydration and protects the skin from drying elements for up to 24 hours afterwards.

Water therapy: Four ways a shower can revitalise and heal

  1. Headache help: To soothe a headache, work over each sole of your feet with a high-powered shower jet using cold water. Use circular motions to stimulate reflexology points.
  2. Stressed shoulders: To ease muscle tension and release shoulder anxiety, turn water on to as hot as you can handle and stand directly under the stream ensuring your whole shoulder area is covered for two minutes. For added stress relief, dab lavender oil to your temples.
  3. Lethargic legs: Using a high-powered jet stream of water, slowly move up and down the legs. This increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation, eases muscle tension and stimulates and revitalizes the skin. Finish by gently massaging legs with a hydrating moisturiser.
  4. Boost your mood: For an uplifting mood boost, add a few drops a reviving rosemary essential oil and steadying lavender oil to the bottom of your bath or shower before hopping in. Close the door, run the hot water and inhale as your shower. To balance energy levels, try a few drops of rose and geranium.

(Note: We recommend using a water saver shower nozzle to ensure a stronger stream and minimise water wastage)

Five must-have shower tools

  1. Shower gels: Use soap-free or pH-balanced cleansers so you don’t strip skin of natural oils.
  2. Sponges: Sea sponges are gentle and help remove dead skin cells and impurities. Clean by soaking in vinegar overnight and rinsing with warm water.
  3. Face washers: Perfect removing cleanser in the shower. Put through the washing machine daily.
  4. Body brushes: Brushes are multi-taskers as they exfoliate, stimulate circulation and help remove toxins. Sterilise bristles with lavender oil before using and wash every week with hot soapy water.
  5. Pedi paddles: Work best straight after a shower as the feet are soft allowing dry skin will come off your feet easily.

Written by Nikki Yazxhi.