How to use blush, bronzer and highlighter

These are the real movers and shakers in your makeup kit – and they make all the difference between “glow” and “no-glow”.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter are the must-haves of your makeup kit.

But what’s the best way to use them in your beauty routine?


Blush can wake up your whole face, if you apply it properly.

How to apply blush:

To create a healthy glow, first sweep bronzing powder across your cheek with a big blush brush – then apply your blush just to the apples of cheek.

The trick is to smile to make your target cheek area more pronounced – then apply the blush with a big powder brush, right to the centre of the chubbiest part of your cheek.

Blend in circles, keeping the more intense part of colour on the apples of your cheek.

Shade selector:

Hot pinks give fair skin a beautiful, natural look when applied with a light hand. Coral looks gorgeous on all skin tones, particularly on warm, medium complexions – go for orangey corals rather than pinkish ones.

Anything too light or pastel can look ashy on dark skin. You want shades with bold, true pigments, such as really vibrant orange or fuchsia.


Everyone wants to have that just-been-on-holiday glow, but faking it with too much bronzer can have the total opposite effect – too much can actually give skin a dull appearance.

DIY directions:

Sweep bronzer over your temples, around your hairline, and under your jaw line, working up toward your cheekbones to blend everything together.

Leave your nose and eyes alone because the bronzer will create too much darkness there – making you look like you’re a part of the Jersey Shore crew.

Shade selector:

If you have fair and medium skin tones choose something yellow-brown and if you have dark skin, stick to highlighter.


Highlighter is the final make-up deal breaker, but, it needs to be applied correctly.

How to apply highlighters:

Use your highlighter super-sparingly and apply it only to the “light-catching” areas of your face – the middle of your forehead, the sides of your nose, the top of your cheeks and your lips and chin.

Don’t apply it all over your face – it’s too metallic and you’ll end up looking like something from the Wizard of Oz!

Shade selector:

A golden champagne looks good on fair and medium skin; choose a pearlescent, bronze shade if you have darker skin.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi