Insider tricks for the perfect pout

There is nothing worse than applying your favourite shade of lipstick, only to have it disappear before you even get to your destination.

To stop that happening, check out these tricks of the trade to give your lipstick real staying powder.

Start with a good base

Your lipstick will adhere better to smooth lips, so create the perfect base by gently exfoliating dry or flaky skin.

A soft toothbrush will do the trick (gently massage in circles), then apply a generous amount of lip balm (or night cream) to remoisturise and protect them.

Wait a couple of minutes, and then blot off the excess.

Tip: Avoid licking your lips – it will only make them drier.

To stop lip colour from bleeding, lightly apply foundation around the outer edge of your mouth. This trick also helps maintain the shape of your lips when adding colour.

How to apply lipstick

For colour that won’t quit:

Blot your lips with a tissue to remove any lip balm or moisturiser – the oil will stop your lipstick from sticking.

Create a base by outlining and filling lips with a lip pencil close to your natural lip colour.

Apply your lipstick with a lip-brush, and then place a one-ply sheet of tissue over your lips. With a powder puff, dab the tissue with translucent loose powder to set the colour.

Remove the tissue, and add one more swipe of lippie.

How to get real staying power

  • Choose semi-matte colours: They last longer than creamy formulas but don’t have the drying quality often found in completely matte lipstick.
  • Skip the gloss: It will begin to disappear if your lips come into contact with something – or someone – else.
  • For maximum staying power: Look for lipsticks that deliver an abundance of colour to stain the lip.

Lipstick touch-up tips

If you don’t have time to keep re-applying, choose a tinted lip balm in a subtle hue that doesn’t require precise application so you apply it wherever, whenever.

And save wearing high maintenance red lipstick for occasions when you’ve got plenty of mirror time.

And lastly … the glass trick

To stop your lipstick coming off on your coffee cup or wine glass, discretely press your tongue to the spot where you’re about to sip, and the lipstick won’t stick.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi.