6 tricks for flawless foundation

Foundation can make your skin look brighter and more radiant – if it’s applied correctly.

Here’s the expert guide to getting this essential part of your makeup routine right.

1. Choose your perfect foundation formulation

Whether you use liquid, stick or compact foundation really depends on personal taste.

And different formulas are best suited to different skin types.

Oily skin

Go for a water-based or oil-free formula that is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t cause blackheads or whiteheads).

A powder or liquid foundation will look the most natural.

Dry skin

Stay away from powder foundations as they age the skin and make it look flaky.

Try liquid foundation or a hydrating moisture formula.

Blemish-prone skin

Use a fine layer of light foundation and concealer where needed.

A thick mask of foundation will only highlight blemishes and make them worse.

Combination skin

Look for a skin-balancing foundation or use more than one product like a hydrating liquid foundation on the cheeks, then powder the T-zone.

2. Choose a colour

If you can’t decide between two shades, go with the one that’s slightly darker – or buy both and mix them.

3. Prep your skin before applying foundation

Before applying, always use moisturiser. Makeup blends more easily if skin is moist.

Wait 60 seconds until the moisturiser is absorbed, otherwise you’ll end up with blotchiness and ultimately limit the amount of coverage your foundation can offer throughout the day.

If you’re short on time, blot your face with a tissue after moisturising, then apply your foundation.

4. Try a primer

Primer not only helps your makeup last longer – it also even out the texture of the skin, holds moisture in and keeps the foundation looking smooth and even.

5. If your foundation looks too dark or heavy

Dilute the foundation in your hand with a drop of moisturiser before applying.

To give a glowing effect, add a few drops of illuminator to your formula.

6. Use a makeup sponge

Use a dry makeup sponge if you want full coverage; damp (wet it and squeeze) if you want a sheer result.

Dip the sponge in foundation and spread it lightly over the skin in a circular motion, as if you’re washing your face.

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Written by Nikki Yazxhi