How do I make my makeup last longer?

This beauty insider step-by-step guide will help your makeup stay in place all day and into the night (if needs be).

Step 1: Give your skin the brush

Your fingers can leave oil on your face that can dissolve your makeup within hours.

The trick is to apply your makeup with brushes to create a flawless, long-lasting look.

Use brushes with natural hair bristles to apply and blend powders, and synthetic bristles when using creams.

Remember to always regularly clean them to keep them germ-free and ready for flawless application.

Step 2: Prime your eyes

Smooth lids with a primer, or concealer, to give your shadow something to grab on to and keep it from creasing.

Before you apply your powder shadow, make sure to dust off any excess from your makeup brush so that you have only enough pigment for your lids.

A very light dusting of a loose, translucent powder with a fluffy blending brush over eyeshadow can also help increase its longevity.

Step 3: Choose a powder eyeshadow

Powders last longer than creams, which tend to melt away as the day goes on.

Press powder on to the lids instead of “sweeping” it in back and forth.

This helps the pigment to stick.

Rim your eyes with a liquid or pencil liner and trace over it with a layer of dark powder shadow to help set it in place.

Step 4: Paint on your face base

After brushing blemishes with a cream concealer, stroke foundation over your skin with a foundation brush (a sponge can create streaks).

Brush downward to make any small hairs lie flat (this gives a smoother finish), then gently press your foundation into your skin with the powder puff.

Step 5: Double up on blush

Start by smiling to make the target area more pronounced, then swirl an oil-free cream blush right at the centre of the chubbiest part of your cheek.

Blend outward, keeping the more intense part of colour on the apples of your cheek.

Next, brush a powder blush in the same shade over the same area to set the colour.

With a puff, press translucent loose powder into the skin.

Step 6: Line your lips for long-term colour

Coat lips with an anti-feathering product, then draw lip liner over your entire mouth to create a base stain.

With a lip brush, stroke on your lipstick, cover with a one-ply tissue, and pat loose powder through the tissue with a puff or a brush.

Paint on a second layer of lipstick and blot again.

Written by Nikki Yazxhi.