Max May’s top tips for natural, buildable complexion perfection

He weaves his magic on some of Australia’s top models and celebrities creating that airbrushed second-skin look. So when Max May talks, we listen.

Let’s face it, no two days are the same when it comes to foundation.

Some days call for the lightest touch and other times our imperfections require a little more, well, oomph!

Celebrity makeup artist and Nude by Nature ambassador Max May says powder foundation is the key to beautiful buildable coverage, whether it is sheer or full you covet.

The power of powder foundations

And if you’re imagining dry and cakey when you think powder foundations, think again.

Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Radiant Loose Powder Foundation is featherlight and formulated using 100% natural and toxic-free ingredients including nourishing jojoba esters and kaolin clay.

“This helps with the application and makes it really soft to go; it has a beautiful radiant, glowing finish,” Max reveals.

“It’s 100% natural, with no talcs and no synthetics. It’s good for your skin and really suits every skin tone and every skin colour.”

When it comes to applying foundation, Max says the trick to this is to think of the three Bs:

  1. Buff: “It’s all about the brush when you’re applying powder foundation and about buffing powder onto the skin in light circular motions,” Max explains. Start at the centre of the face and work outwards.
  2. Build: Build coverage to blur away blemishes and even out redness and pigmentation. “You choose the fullness, so in areas where you need to cover more sins, you can do that,” the makeup expert says.
  3. Blend: Time to blend like a boss, tapering off at the edges of your face for a natural finish. “It’s about making a girl look beautiful rather than covering her with foundation and turning her into something she’s not,” Max explains.

New luxe packaging

Nude by Nature’s loose powder foundation – Australia’s top selling cosmetic product – has recently been repackaged into an Insta-worthy rose gold jar.

But it’s not just about good looks. The jar features a special powder dispensing system to minimise waste, and the lid locks in place to cover the sifter for mess-free travel. Handy!

Naturally gluten free and vegan friendly, the powder foundation also comes with SPF 15 protection.

And with 8 adaptable shades to choose from, every skin tone is covered.

Max’s tip to finish your look

Adding a little loose setting powder on top of your powder foundation will highlight and lift areas such as under the eyes, the centre of your forehead and along the jawline, says Max.

He favours Nude by Nature’s new Translucent Loose Finishing Powder in Banana with its neutral warm undertones, which he says is “colour correcting and will brighten the skin”.

* Written by Liz McGrath. This post is brought to you by Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover Radiant Loose Powder Foundation.