5 insider hair tricks that pack a big beauty punch

The expert haircare tips you need in your repertoire that give maximum impact, with minimum effort.

Want to look like you just walked out of a hair salon, every day?

Here are the expert haircare tips you need to have in your repertoire that take minimum effort, but reward you with maximum impact.

Pump up the volume

To get voluptuous hair, distribute an even amount of thickening lotion with your fingertips into towel-dried hair, then section off hair to make six to eight French braids.

Allow the hair to dry completely, then take out the braids, brush your hair and go.

Shampoo like the professionals do

Salon shampoo secrets

You know how fabulously clean your hair feels after a hair salon wash?

Here’s how to suds up at home like a pro:

  • Make sure the strands are sopping wet.
  • Massage a dollop of shampoo into the root area with fingertips to cleanse thoroughly and stimulate scalp circulation.
  • Rinsing hair is the most important part of the washing process, so make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed several times, then finish with a cool rinse to close the hair shaft and seal cuticles.

Fight the frizz

Split ends can cause your hair, especially the ends, to look and feel frizzy.

To fix without having to make a hair appointment, massage an oil treatment into your dry hair. Blast your ends for five seconds with your hairdryer, so the oil is quickly absorbed.

Voila – sleek, healthy looking hair! (If you don’t have hair oil on hand, try using some coconut oil from the pantry – it works a treat for dry hair.)

Reactivate your hairstyle

If your styling product seems to have run out of “power” throughout the day, reactivate the product you already have in your hair rather than piling on more and causing sticky build-up.

How? By running damp hands through your hair or spritzing it with a fine water sprayer. Easy!

Make the blow-dry stay

Hands off the blow-dry! The less you play with your hair, the longer your blow-dry will stay in place.

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase, or tying your hair in a silk scarf while you sleep, may also help prolong your blow-dry. Tame strays with a straightening iron.

At the gym, keep hair off your face and neck with a ponytail, and use a towel to blot perspiration around the hairline.

Written by Nikki Yazxhi