How to achieve a new ‘clean’ hair colour, all by yourself

At-home hair dye is having more than a moment – it’s hair to stay. Convenient, affordable and with a range of natural custom colours to choose from, what’s not to like?

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have changed more than a few things for many of us.

We’ve worked out exactly how long it takes to dash out of our track pants and put “work face” on for the office Zoom call.

We’ve learned that home schooling requires more patience than a saint.

We’ve watched more Netflix than we thought humanly possible and we’ve reorganised every cupboard in the house at least twice.

We’ve also discovered colouring our own hair.

We’re loving hair dye

Yup, it’s not only hand weights, air fryers and board games we’ve been stocking up on since the pandemic began.

JP Morgan data shows online searches for hair dye and sales of hair colouring products have sky-rocketed as coronavirus has surged.

As salons closed and roots began to show, more and more of us jumped on the at-home hair bandwagon.

And we discovered that with new technologies and formulas, hair dye has come a long, long way.

Take Revlon Total Color permanent hair dye. It offers 100 per cent grey coverage and colour vibrancy for up to six weeks, in an innovative clean and vegan formula infused with nourishing oils and botanicals.

What exactly is ‘clean’ hair colour?

As you’ve seen in skincare, clean beauty is a big trend.

When it comes to Revlon Total Color, that equates to natural and enriching ingredients your tresses will love.

Hemp seed oil helps ensure your hair is cared for while you colour, and there are no nasties like ammonia, parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oil, gluten and phthalates.

Each Revlon Total Color box includes a cream colorant and developer formula along with a post-colour multi-use Botanical Enriched Conditioning Gloss infused with camellia oil and carefully selected botanical extracts by shade family.

Colour that lasts

Dermatologist-tested, Revlon’s unique Total Color formula nourishes hair during every step of the colour process, leaving hair silk soft with rich, natural-looking colour that lasts.

The easy-to-use squeeze bottle has a targeted, no drip applicator tip to ensure a fast, effortless (and did we mention mess-free) hair dying experience.

As well as the all-important precision you need at the roots.

With nine permanent shades on offer, you can amp up your look all from the comfort of your own bathroom – and face your next Zoom call, or post lockdown life, with everyone wondering what your secret is.

Written by Liz McGrath. This post is brought to you by Revlon Total Color.