Celebrity hairstyles: 3 key looks for spring

From bouncy blowouts to relaxed waves, hair expert Andres Jesus highlights the top trends this spring and how to recreate them.

You only have to consider the “Rachel” or the “Fawcett Flip” to understand the impact celebrities have when it comes to setting hair trends.

“Celebrities continue to have a huge influence on what hair looks are trending,” BODA Hair Boutique stylist director and educator Andres Jesus says.

Three key hair trends this spring

The 90’s blowout

Andres says this is his favourite look to create.

“Ideally, the client has natural movement or texture to their hair or has beautiful, effortless layers because these traits make a 90’s blowout more effortless and long-lasting.”

According to Andres, this hairstyle is one of the easiest to recreate as you only need a blow-dryer and a round brush.


  • Shampoo and condition your hair and towel dry.
  • If your hair is naturally limp, apply a volumising mousse or spray, focusing on the roots to create some grit and volume.
  • Roughly blow-dry the hair until it’s about 70 per cent dry, then section.
  • Using a large round thermal brush, start blow-drying the bottom layers, wrapping each section around the brush, flicking the bottom inwards to create a voluminous shape.
  • Repeat for each section, opting for a smaller round thermal brush when you approach the top layer of your head.

Tip: For added volume and longevity, use Velcro rollers to set each section.

Jennifer Lopez @chrisappleton1
Jennifer Lopez @chrisappleton1


Y2K up-do

“This chic look has taken inspiration from the boy and girl bands of the 90’s and is the perfect hairstyle for a night out,” Andre says.


  • Create a zig-zag parting using a pomade product.
  • Smooth down the hair and create a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
  • Twist and manipulate the ponytail into an up-do using bobby pins and hair elastics to create a spiky finish.
  • Smooth down the top of the head and any baby hairs with pomade to create an ultra-sleek, glossy finish.
  • Use a strong-hold hairspray to complete the look.
Bella Hadid @patrickta
Bella Hadid @patrickta


Relaxed waves

“The relaxed wave can easily be replicated at home, with either a straightening iron or curler wand,” Andre says.

“It’s a great look that can be super casual or uber elegant depending on what you style it with and is also one of the most highly requested looks in the salon.”


  • Avoid this look on clean hair as it doesn’t have much grip.
  • Wait one or two days after washing or apply a dry shampoo or texturising spray so the waves will hold.
  • Apply a heat protectant and section the hair.
  • The easiest way to recreate this look is to use a hair straighter and create s-waves in the hair by alternating between curling the hair inwards and outwards.
  • The tighter the s-shape and longer you have heat on each section, the tighter the curl.
  • Vice versa, the less time you create each curl, the looser the curl.
  • Repeat the process over each section before finishing with a light flexible hairspray.
Kim Kardashian @chrisappleton1
Kim Kardashian @chrisappleton1


Written by Charlotte Brundrett.