Easy hacks for achieving luscious celeb-inspired hair

Well-coiffed, shiny celebrity hair has long been the inspiration for some of our favourite styles. We reveal the best industry hacks for getting the look at home.

It’s no secret that celebrity hair plays a major role in the beauty industry, with famous manes influencing everything from what’s trending in hairstyles and hair colour to popular reference material during salon consultations.

Celebrity hairstylist Heath Massi is all too familiar with celebrity hair, having worked with some of the most popular style icons, including Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Chloë Sevigny, Kim Kardashian and Florence Pugh.


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How to get celebrity hair at home

Celebrity hair is often associated with full, luscious locks but more often than not, it actually comes down to hairstylists’ handiwork.

So, we asked Heath and Brisbane hairdresser Trinity Thomas to share a few tricks of the trade to help you achieve a healthier mane at home and create the illusion of having celebrity hair.

Celebrity hair hack#1: Build rapport with your hairstylist

“It’s important to remember celebrities are just like all of us; they wake up in the morning and jump into that shower to start the day and, regardless of whether you’re famous or not, the short answer to good hair is a good relationship with your hairstylist,” Heath says.

Celebrity hair hack #2: Apply a regular hair mask

According to Heath, the hallmark of great hair is being able to just wash and wear, but he also recommends salon-quality products as an essential part of maintaining a healthy mane.

“As a celebrity hairstylist myself, I encourage my clients to use a good quality hair mask at least once a week,” Heath says.

Celebrity hair hack #3: Add silica to your diet

“Some of my clients call me the hair doctor because I stress the importance of hair health,” Heath says, adding that he also believes in an inside-out approach to healthy hair.

“It’s not just the outside of your follicle that needs to be cared for; instead, we need to look at it holistically,” he says.

“I always recommend my clients have silica in their diet, which can assist in (having) healthy hair, skin and nails.”


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Celebrity hair hack #4: Try the art of illusion

Considering the amount of heat styling famous people’s tresses go through for shoots and red carpet events, it’s not surprising that many rely on hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces and a ton of teasing and backcombing to create the illusion of having healthier, longer locks.

“I’ve been lucky enough in my career to work both as a salon hairdresser and also a session stylist, which are surprisingly different jobs,” Heath says.

“When you’re creating voluminous, amazing hair looks for campaigns, you learn to create something that consumers consider aspirational yet attainable.”

According to Heath, hair extensions and gloss spray are a big help as they give fullness and body, and actually assist in keeping the hairstyle in place for longer.


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Celebrity hair hack #5: Prevent breakage

Trinity says small lifestyle changes can help protect your hair against frizz and breakage for a silkier, celebrity-style look.

“Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is such a game changer; it allows your hair cuticles to glide along the pillow without causing friction, which leads to tangles and breakage,” Trinity says.

She also recommends using tools such as silk bonnets and heatless silk curlers for reducing frizz.

Celebrity hair hack #6: Protect against heat

In order to replicate celebrity hair looks without a glam team at your disposal, protecting your hair against heat is crucial.

“Over the years, I’ve seen some severe heat damage with the models who work consistently, which is why using a heat protector before styling is essential,” Heath says.

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Written by beauty editor Charlotte Brundrett.