Five ways to improve your hair’s health in winter

Shed the beanie and embrace these easy, effective winter hair care tips for glossy, luscious locks all year round.

Dry, limp hair is a pain at the best of times, but it’s particularly rife in winter when windy, dry weather conditions are combined with indoor heating.

Rather than blame the season for the state of your hair, tackle the problem head-on by following these five easy tips from leading hairstylists Marie Cain and Julia Brown.

Amp up hydration

Much of the environmental impacts winter has on our hair comes down to dehydrated hair follicles, which is what makes Marie’s solution so effective.

The colourist, hairstylist and owner of St Kilda’s Have a Nice Day Salon tends to steer away from lighter conditioning formulas during the cooler seasons “and swap them in with masque treatments and serums during the cooler seasons, which I love,” Marie says.

“I would also never use a hairdryer without a protective serum or cream to assist in sealing the cuticle down and trapping in the moisture.”


Protect your locks

Protecting your hair from heat damage is one of the most obvious and well-documented hair health principles, yet many of us overlook using a heat protectant when drying and styling our hair.

Julia, director of Agencie salon, says to use a heat protector – always.

“We’re forever telling clients the same thing, but that is because it’s true,” Julia says.


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Repair coloured hair

The introduction of Olaplex and other plex treatments greatly reduce the extent of damage bleach and dye has on hair, but it is important to remember that it does not completely eradicate it.

“Coloured hair, no matter how much you protect it, is still more fragile than unprocessed hair,” Julia says.

“For coloured hair, you need to be using a regenerative and repair protein treatment.

“Keeping the hair protected and hydrated is key to maintaining the integrity of your hair between salon visits.”


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Get regular trims

Many swear against regular haircuts, particularly those trying to grow out their locks, but this mentality can be counterproductive.

“Hair growth correlates with healthy hair follicles, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of regular trims,” Julia says.

“You need to trim the hair before brittle, split ends compromise the health of the length and force you to cut your hair shorter, whereas regular trims prevent you from sacrificing length.

Consider supplements for your hair

Vitamin supplements and their effectiveness remain very much up for debate, with hair supplements just as polarising.

“Stay on top of your scalp and hair health with specific supplements,” Julia says.

“My clients want options that are quick, easy and effective for maintaining beautiful, healthy hair all year round.”

Marie also advocates hair supplements to her clients wanting to promote hair growth.

“I started using the supplements and sell them through my salon online,” she says.

“Ten weeks after first taking them myself, someone complimented me on my hair growth.

“But the most visible improvement I saw was to my fingernails.”

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.