6 ways to fix damaged hair for a lustrous look

Are your locks looking lacklustre? Fear not – these simple solutions will help repair and rejuvenate hair damage in no time.

Many of us choose to colour and chemically treat our hair to look and feel our best.

But if we don’t care for our crowning glory, these treatments can also damage it – think dull, dry and frizzy strands.

If your hair needs fixing, don’t stress – turning limp locks to a lustrous mane doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are six easy ways to repair damaged hair

1. Wash your hair with warm water, not hot

Washing your hair with warm water is a gentler option for damaged hair as it helps maintain moisture, reduces stress on the hair cuticles and promotes a healthier scalp and hair.

2. Opt for shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair

Shampoo and conditioner formulated for damaged hair typically contain ingredients that target issues associated with hair weakening, such as dryness, breakage and split ends.

Look for a shampoo that doesn’t strip away natural oils from your hair.

When conditioning, focus on the ends as these are often the most damaged part of the hair.

3. Gently towel dry your hair

Gentle towel drying, particularly with a soft T-shirt or microfibre towel, is a simple yet effective way to help repair damaged hair by minimising friction and frizz, helping to reduce breakage and preserve moisture.

4. Limit heat styling

Reduce the risk of heat damaging your hair by allowing it to air dry where possible and minimising the use of heat-styling tools.

When you do use them, apply a heat-protectant spray to your hair beforehand.

5. Consider a silk pillowcase

Swapping your cotton pillowcase for a silk one can be helpful as your hair is able to glide over the fabric more easily, meaning there is less friction, reducing the risk of breakage and split ends.

6. Apply a nourishing leave-in conditioner

A quality leave-in conditioner can be a valuable tool in repairing damaged hair by providing intense hydration, protection and nourishment for your locks.

HASK Argan Oil 5-In-1 Leave-In Spray penetrates the hair shaft, repairing damage and breakage, leaving even the most rebellious hair frizz-free, silky soft and super glossy.

It features five benefits in the one product:

  • Conditions and detangles
  • Adds shine
  • Repairs and controls frizz
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Moisturises to prevent breakage

Simply shake well before using, spray generously on wet or dry hair, comb through (do not rinse) and style as desired.

The HASK Argan collection is formulated with argan oil from Morocco.

Argan oil hydrates, protects from breakage and increases elasticity in hair.

This specialty blend of ingredients is designed to pack your strands with moisturising and conditioning agents that help restore dry, damaged hair.

* This post is brought to you by HASK Argan Oil.