Why your hair might need a hard-earned detox

Do your locks need some love? Follow these simple tips to give your hard-working hair the fresh start it deserves.

Let’s face it, our hair goes through a lot.

We colour it, curl it, straighten it, blow dry it, pin and clip it, expose it to chlorine, sea salt and the sun’s UV rays and, well… you get the idea.

There’s little wonder our tresses aren’t always the shiny, smooth crowning glory we want them to be.

Residue builds up in hair, just like skin

Just like the pores on your face, hair follicles on your scalp can become clogged with dirt, oil and build-up from products like hairsprays, gels and mousses.

Even regular shampooing and conditioning can cause residue to build up, making hair look lacklustre, dull and lifeless.

PR Queen Roxy Jacenko, known for her faultless bombshell blonde locks, says if hair is feeling this way, it could be time for a hair detox.

“When our hair is facing the combined stressors of heat styling, product build up and environmental influencers, it becomes super important to ‘detox’, as you would your body,” says the entrepreneur, socialite and force behind Sweaty Betty PR.

When you know it’s time to cleanse your hair

“I often need to look my best for work and I have my hair professionally styled all the time – particularly when I’m shooting for TV,” busy mum-of-two and John Frieda ambassador Roxy explains.

“Stylists use everything from texture spray to intense hair spray, and when I’m on the run I’ll also look to dry shampoo.

“It becomes so important to clarify my hair’s surface so that conditioning treatments can then penetrate my hair and bring it back to life.”

Creating a foundation for repair

Roxy says when she wants to give her locks a little extra TLC, John Frieda’s Detox & Repair Masque is her “go-to” for bringing back shiny, soft hair.

“It’s a weekly treatment, so not too difficult to squeeze into my routine,” she says. “It’s a quick and easy way to get a hit of intense hair care that creates smoothness and shine.”

The John Frieda Detox & Repair collection is enriched with avocado oil and antioxidant rich green tea, to help create a perfect foundation for visible repair and revitalisation.

As easy as one, two, three

The range works together to give your hair a new start. Start your locks detox by removing impurities with the Detox & Repair Shampoo before following up with the collection’s lush conditioner, which adds moisture and helps protect from future breakage.

For intensive nourishment, smooth (Roxy’s fave!) masque through clean, wet hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Finish off with the Detox & Repair Care & Protect Spray, a nutrient-rich formula that moisturises, smooths and gently detangles. Doubling as a heat protectant, it also helps to strengthen and protect from further breakage and split ends.

Being the best version of yourself

Even if your strands don’t feel or look damaged, a good cleanse and treatment can be just the ticket at this time of year.

“By taking care of your mind and body by eating the right food, exercising and also taking time out, you feel like the best version of yourself and taking care of your hair is similar,” says Roxy, who knows only too well the transforming power of great hair.

“I always make sure I use the right products and follow a hair good routine, because I feel uplifted and confident when my hair is at its best.”

Written by Liz McGrath.

*This post is brought to you by the John Frieda Detox & Repair Collection.