The bush is back! These are the latest pubic hair trends

Hairstyles come and go, and it seems this applies ‘down there’ too. Here are the latest pubic hair trends, and reasons why the bush is back.

Been patiently sitting out the Brazilian or racing strip trend?

Well, now may be your time to shine, as the bush is back, baby!

At least that is the conclusion some trend watchers arrived at when models wearing merkins (pubic hair toupees) underneath sheer lace dresses appeared on the runway at the John Galliano for Maison Margiela haute couture show in January.

While the event caused quite a… shall we say, “buzz”, it appears the bush has been resprouting for some time, according to The Beauty Tribe hair removal therapist Laura Skoglund.

“People are embracing the bush,” Laura says.

“The bush is back, but in such a way that there’s no shame (having) it, but then there’s also nothing wrong with getting rid of it — it’s an individual choice.”

Laura adds she thinks there is less pressure from society to be one way or the other, so people are embracing what they choose to do.

“I would say it’s back, and power to you.”

What are some of the latest pubic hair trends?

Laura says how you choose to wear your pubic hair these days comes down to personal preference, but she’s noticing people are willing to have a little more fun with their pubes.

“One Valentine’s Day I waxed somebody’s initials in their pubic hair, that was a fun one,” she says.

While the Brazilian is still a very popular request, Laura says clients are experimenting with styles and, in some cases, even bedazzling the region with glue-on Swarovski crystals.

But she says the most common requests are still the hairless Brazilian, g-string, racing strip, triangle — and, of course, the bush.

She also points out “the bush” doesn’t usually mean completely abandoning all upkeep of the pubic area.

“It’s pretty normal to just do a bit of a tidy-up so you can wear bathers and not have to worry about the rest of it,” she says.

Why do we have pubic hair?

A pariah of our nether regions since roughly the ʼ90s, pubic hair probably deserves some more positive public attention — after all, it’s natural and there for a reason.

It can help keep the skin of your vulva warm and moisturised, reduces skin friction during sex, and may even play a role in sexual attraction.

“Pubic hair serves to protect the skin in the genital area from infections and friction, as well as to regulate skin temperature,” Skin Partners dermatologist Dr Leona Yip says.

How to take care of your pubic hair

Whether you are embracing your full bush or prefer a smoother or more minimal look downstairs, the experts have a few tips for maintaining the pubic area.

The bush

As you might assume, the bush is a more low-maintenance option.

But, to prevent it from becoming completely unruly (unless that’s the look you’re going for), Laura suggests you invest in an exfoliating mitt to help prevent ingrown hairs, and simply keep the area clean — without going overboard.

“You don’t need douches and special cleansers, it’s a self-regulated area,” she says.

“Just keep it simple.”

Bare beauty

Shaving, waxing and laser hair removal are all appropriate methods for removing pubic hair; however, Dr Yip says shaving and waxing may cause ingrown hairs and folliculitis in some people.

“Laser hair reduction minimises this risk,” she says.

If you choose to shave, Dr Yip recommends shaving in the direction of the hair growth and using a shaving cream to prevent nicks on the skin, and moisturising to prevent infection and also soothe the skin.

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Written by Claire Burke.